Thursday, July 01, 2004

Upon moving to New York, my first exposure to the type of overwhelming breaking-band buzz that deal with on a daily basis now was over Dizzee Rascal, who everyone seemed to be losing their minds over even when he had no domestic release lined up. Buzz lead me to catch his first US show at Volume in February where he performed from a flatbed truck. Catching him a second time now was plenty good, he didn't have any new material (that's the price you pay when you're trying to be the coolest), but Dizzee's rapid fire delivery is something to see. While it isn't easy to understand what he's saying most of the time, it's clear that he's really good at what he's doing, whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

so...if i want to look at your pics but i dont know your email address what am i to do?

Brig said...

Dear Mystery Poster: Well, if I knew who you were, I could be more help. But here's a tip. My name is brig and I go to school @ nyu , it's an .edu-cational institution.