Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Best Movie in Weeks

Okay, look at this kid (yes, it’s a crap photo, my resources at the Steady Mobbin’ offices are limited). That’s me at age 13. Do I look like the sort of kid who had a lot of positive dodgeball experiences growing up? Do I look like the sort of kid who ever caught a ball on the fly? No, of course not. At Horace Mann, dodgeball was practically renamed “Peg Brigham” (with a great amount of emphasis and bonus points added for hitting me in the head) but, nevertheless, I loved dodgeball. I really loved dodging. I loved dashing about the gym in my short gray shorts with delusions of possessing great skills of evasion. Growing up, delusions of sports-skill were all I had going for me (sportwise)--like the notion that I was a great floor hockey player (Mr. Durkin felt it would be best for my Physical Education and Development to play with the girls.) Anyway, that’s enough back story.

As you’ve probably read in all the major daily newspapers, about four years ago a movie called “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” came out, and I finally went to see it this week. As awesome as I wanted it to be, I sensed a heavy air of crap about it-my first problem was with the subtitle, my next was I had that feeling that I had seen everything funny about it in the previews. But I knew I needed to see the thing, and, with magical student tickets in hand, Mike and I went to see what it was all about.

Turns out Dodgeball was all about being the most awesome movie I had seen since Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

That’s not some sort of joke.

Both Dodgeball and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle give you this: unrelenting dedication to a theme and the exploitation of that theme to it’s highest degree. For Dodgeball, the theme is: “We Will Give You People Getting Hit By Balls and No Subtlety At Anytime In All Things.” For Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle the theme was “We Will Give You Out of Control Fights, As Many Different Sports Cars as Possible, and No Subtlety At Anytime In All Things.” Both movies: so great. I especially liked the unicorn jokes in Dodgeball. And I just found out there was a “surprise” after the credits, so I guess I get to go see it again.

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