Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best Two Weeks Without Pictures

It's been (more or less, probably more) two weeks since I last posted a picture of an activity. Not that my life has been without activities during that's just I've gone and done so many things that wound up being under-photographed or left without a narrative structure in the photographing. So here's a potpourri of things that were done recently that maybe you'll like looking at.

Saturday Before Last

On the Saturday before last a great trip was taken to the ballfields. Don't let the photos trick you, there were a lot more people in our party than you see here. Don was also there, and Jeff, and Genevieve and Mim and her family. And after the eating we went to the swimming pool across the street (finally!). Let me break down the rankings of the New York public pools that I've been to so far.

#1. Red Hook Pool–This place is great, you will have fun here. Only drawbacks: not very deep, no diving board, bit of a trip to get there.
#2. Pool Near Houston Street–This pool is awful, you will get robbed there. Only pluses: gets deeper, has diving board, convenient location.

Wait! Too many words! Here's the pictures:

Un taquito y yo.

Michelle, Kim, Dave: primed for deliciousness

The tents: primed to be attacked

Huarache & Quesadilla massacre about to begin

Take that, lunch!

Tina & Lexia made it out, too. And had huaraches, too.

It's called the ballfields because they play soccer ball there.

Insert here: Pictures from your imagination of people having a good time in the swimming pool.

Here's a Contest

On the Monday before last Monday I walked by Andy's Paradise Garden. (No, not the Andy you're thinking of) I'll give you a prize if you can tell me where Andy's Paradise Garden is located.

Happy Birthday!

Also on the Monday before last Monday we celebrated (a day late) the Happy Birthday of everyone's idol, Erin.

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday my brother-in-law Cory came to visit...well, not really. He was in town to do some business. But Michelle and I had dinner with him at Hell's Kitchen. This is what we ate (the online menu doesn't match what we had, so descriptions are an approximation): A steak, a porkchop, and a salmon.

Usually fancy pants Mexican food just makes me mad (Rosa Mexicano. Grrrrr.) but I was pretty pleased with my meal. My porkchop fell apart at the touch of my fork, amazing.

Then Jeff and I went and watched the Simpsons movie with Cory. Our theater was right by the hand. The Simpsons movie, good, but I don't think I'd see it a third time. Unless it was with my Mom.

I spent the night in Cory's centrally located hotel. When Cory comes to town there's a 75% chance he'll be staying at the Times Square Hilton and a 100% chance that if he's at that hotel, he'll have the exact same view.

And speaking of 100%, I can now confirm with 100% certainty that the Times Square Hilton rooms are decorated with Elizabeth Peyton prints.

Last Saturday

First of all, even though almost all of Manhattan was off camping or tubing or whatever, some of us still made it to the pool, the ballfields, and a pleasant beer garden (for lunch! I swear!)

But when the night came, so did the Pinewood Derby. At last. Remember when everyone was making their cars? Seemed like just yesterday. I'll be upfront with the results: despite the best efforts of the Union Square 3rd Ward, none of us won. Some kid won. With a car from a previous Pinewood Derby that always wins. Whatever.

Tina and Scott prepare for the first race.

Rich and his car, the Laser.

Mindy and her car, the Sponge Bob.

Speed! Speee-eeed!

Some of the competitors. Please notice Mike's coin car is now Mike's Lego car.

And those, dear readers, were some photos. This weekend there's an adventure, so (with any luck) next week there will be a thrilling post. I know. You can't wait.

Best "Aw Snap!"

Looks like the Wall Street Journal is gettin' all up in the New Yorker's bizzness.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Best Clarification pt. 2

Once again. Cats. I don't like them, I like their pictures.

You've got to, got to, got to visit this webpage.

Thanks to Tess for that link.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Best Clarification

I don't like cats, I like pictures of cats.

99% of these were stolen from icanhazcheezburger.