Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Best Guess What?

Guess what? Today Steady Mobbin' is two years old! Can you believe it?

I started this blog because I was trying to figure out a way to put photos of a hike I took (weird, right? Me, hiking?) on the internet. At the time, I could not figure out how to do it (it used to be so much trickier to get pictures up on blogger, oh how the world has changed!) and to this day I still have not posted those pictures properly. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best Three Sights of My Memorial Day

Three Things I Saw Today Whilst in Midtown:

Spiderman 3 Being Filmed

I had read on the internet that they were shooting scenes for Spiderman 3 at 55th and 6th, so I went to check it out. I snuck in amongst the extras super-easily (I didn't even realize I was amongst the extras until they started asking me if I knew where they should be standing) for a good look at what was going on.

Things I Did NOT See at the Filming of Spiderman 3:
1) Spiderman
2) Villains
3) Allies
4) Action

Things I DID See at the Filming of Spiderman 3:
1) A rig dangling office items

2) People (2) in business clothes being tossed into the air (once).

An Aston Martin DB9

It drove by when I was watching the Spiderman stuff (after having moved from my spot with the extras)

After I had enough of the movie making, I walked up the street and there was the DB9 again, parked in front of one of those shady midtown electronics stores. Its Maryland plates said "MACRO."

The Crazy New 5th Avenue Apple Store

Perhaps you've already heard that Apple opened a giant underground 24/7/365 Apple Store that you enter through a great glass cube on 5th Avenue in front of the General Motors building (that's where FAO Schwartz is)? Well, I checked it out, and it's all true: the store is giant, it is underground, and it is entered through a great glass cube. There are enough iPods, iMacs, and MacBooks to drive you to boredom.

These three great sights all confirm one thing: New York is so Awesome.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Best Repeat Vacation, pt.II

The Adventures Continue!

So, on Saturday (last week, duh) I learned about El Farolito and its burritos. And one of its tacos. I liked what I learned.

Betsy, Jeff, Becca, and Grace: Already experts.

Me and Cynthia (from High School!): learning quickly (and that deserves a fist pump).

Next time: El Taco Loco, where apparently the Mexican peppers rob the white person tacos?

Wandering about downtown I came across a woman with a swan bag. Cool.

That evening it was time for a big trip to Concord to eat dinner with the relatives. I am ready for it.

Betsy is amped.

Cameron and Rebecca: Sufficiently enthused (or chill).

And here we go, crossing bridges.

The plan was to have a magnificent dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We met brother-in-law Cory and nephew Blake at the park across the street from the factory. (Oh, and PS, I don't mean to spoil the ending or anything, but Mission Accomplished)

Also present: Brother-in-law's brother Brady and niece Rachel.

As usual, my trip to the East Bay was motivated by a desire to make an impression on the niece and nephew's young minds.

But it's not like they don't have an influence on me themselves.

When did Rachel start using straws and plates? They grow up so fast!

"Look at me, I'm Blake, I'm Blake!"

Cameron: Bummed because he has to eat all that broccoli but, hey, he ordered it.

Pretty much the point of the Spaghetti Factory is the milk and ice cream that is part of your meal, but you have to know to ask for this stuff!

And that's where Saturday coverage ends. Here begins Sunday:

Something I didn't know about San Francisco was that every Sunday everyone dresses up in matching costumes with their friends, gets totally drunk, and marches through the city. They call it a "race" and the race is called Bay to Breakers (ample reportage on said event also available at the world's most popular blog. You know you're headed towards the Bay to Breakers when you find a group of Hulk Hogans chilling like this:

The race was a lot for a simple New Yorker like myself to take in

A popular costume this year: Frozone.

Just your typical San Francisco Sunday Morning nonsense.

Also at Bay to Breakers? THAT TV I SAW ON THURSDAY! (Remember?) Someone had adopted it and made it part of their party! Crazy!

Also in San Francisco? ANDREW WHO HAD VISITED ME THE WEEKEND BEFORE! (Remember?) Someone had adopted him and offered him a new van! Crazy!

Get it, these are after-church pictures. Not pictured: Me.

After church we sort of got hamburgers for lunch, but used 50% off coupons, so that made it half okay. I had a hotdog, which is not a hamburger.

I think there's a new tradition around here, and it's called "The Seated/Standing Goodbye Portrait".

(oh yeah, the one who isn't Andrew or Me is Micheala and I think that's how you spell her name. It sounds like "Miss-Shayla" when you say it right)

But this is just a standard goodbye handshake:

I don't mean that I was about to leave. I had another day in SF. Andrew was the one leaving. I left on Monday, which I will post about in the near future.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Finally, a Superman Returns trailer that gives us a sense of what's going to happen in the movie AND how great the action is going to be.

Clicke here if you ever wondered how strong Superman's eyeballs were.

Apparently this is playing with some prints of X-Men 3? Maybe I'll go see that movie after all.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Best Repeat Vacation, pt.I

Because my last trip there was awesome (the best way to relive the last trip would just be to go to my February 2006 archive and scroll to the middle) and because I was jealous of Di and Karisa's recent trip, I went to SF last week.

Leaving the East Coast

Arriving on the West Coast

I spent my first day exploring around Betsy and Rebecca's apartment. This is me setting out:

And here are some of the various things that I saw:

Remember this TV, ok? You'll know why in a later post.

Something I hate in San Francisco is this antenna.

After my long walk I came back to Betsy and Rebecca's and watched Steel Magnolias. (I'm not kidding.) Why? Don't you remember?

That night Betsy and I discovered that a certain piece of artwork isn't unique as I had assumed.

When Karisa and Di came to SF they couldn't get into Mitchell's icecream. But me, I did. Ha!

If you know me then you know I'm not very good at ice cream cones

My hostesses: much better at ice cream cones (especially at buying them)

Then we went to a club called the Makeout Room (really)

To see Love is Chemicals, friends of Betsy and Rebecca's . . . or should I say, friends of mine?

At the show Rebecca was really brave about this glass of water

And I wouldn't let her show me up just because she has a more popular blog.

The next day Betsy and Jeffery and I went to Taylor's for ok food, because it has my middle name (and because no other restaurant would let us in).

This is the guy called Jeffery

He bought me a gelato!

Then we went to the Metreon to learn about the DaVinci Code movie, but first we hit up the PlayStation Store (as I am now a PlayStation owner)

Uhm, turns out that Jeffery and I have the same jacket?

Betsy was totally like, "Oh you guys" about the jackets.

More adventures to come!!