Friday, July 16, 2004

Holy Best Website in the World

I didn't have to live in New York long before I became fascinated with the Manhattan real estate scene.  Here's my new crack, the real estate blog Curbed.  Want a good residence to start off with?  Check this out.  Other great sites to get interesting real estate news (and by "real estate news" I mean details on the prices and specs of out of control New York homes and the people who are buying and selling them) are Manhattan Transfers at the New York Observer (which, this week, happens to feature the same apartment I linked to at Curbed) and the Gawker real estate posts.
And, fer yer infermation, I've been too sick to work, let alone blog, since Tuesday.  As soon as my strength comes back, I'll be writing about Latin American Art and Rock n Roll.

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