Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Photos of Friends of July 2014

I'm running off on a little adventure in a few days so I thought I'd drop this "Photos of Friends" July wrap-up a little early. Here are pictures of friends and things we did in July 2014.

There was this one night where I grabbed burgers with Allison. Clarke's Standard, really pretty decent and practically a bargain.

One Saturday I brunched at Frankies with Emily and Lyndi.

There's this hat store in the Village where they know Emily.

Dipped into Sockerbit and I finally had my first Doppade Floppy (that's Swedish for "chocolate covered strawberry marshmallow dolphin")

Looked at pictures at the Leica Gallery (an itinerary coincidence)

Headed over to Morgenstern's. I'm sorry. I take too many photos. I know.

Walking around a bit on my way to a barbecue at Claire and Evan's that night.

(this is what it's like outside my front door on the weekends)

Up on the roof the light was really friendly for taking pictures of friends. I should have taken a lot more pictures. Or at least have gotten a picture of our hosts.

Here's Jeff and Dakota.



Andrea and Elijah.


Uhm...Spencer, I think?


If you're ever at the Soho 16 Handles, check out the VIP room.

A few nights later saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with Jeff and Alpha. Alpha told us about this book she'd been reading, "Selected." Did I go home and read it? Stay tuned for my upcoming book reports to find out!

The other weekend roommate Charles's friend Katie was in town and I'm friends with Katie, so it was a real party. Part of which was held at the Break Room.

And another part was held at the new mega-Ample Hills in Gowanus.

Here I am with Charles's friend Amanda who is also my friend. The smiling photobomber behind us? Mr. Ample Hills.

This ice cream parlor has a roof deck with lounge chairs. 

It's kind of the #1 chill-out spot for Summer 2014.

Lines all the time all night long for this ice cream.

Ample Hills is just down the block from Royal Palms, Brooklyn's throwback shuffleboard alley.

Ten lanes of shuffleboard excitement...and I know it's probably not right to use bowling words to describe shuffleboard, but how else am I supposed to describe it? I don't know what a biscuit or a pigeon is.

If you go: Don't miss the bathrooms.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Best Astounding Oversight

This weekend I made a startling discovery: I never posted any of the pictures I took with my Leica from my trip to Amsterdam and Prague in April for Jeff's wedding. Doesn't that sound unbelievable? I must have posted these before, right? Nope. It really doesn't look like it. I developed about 450 images in this took a while and I just posted pictures from my other camera while I was working on the M8 pictures. And then I never posted them. SO NOW I'M POSTING THEM! With minimal commentary because it's the same story as before. Just different pictures.

So, yeah. On the way to Prague I had a nice long layover in Amsterdam. I'd been there for work 2 years before and I was real glad to revisit some favorite things from that trip. And not in freezing cold weather, too.

And then off to Prague I went! Here's pictures from my first day there, walking around with Ryan and Helen and Cassie.

These are Czech churros. Don't let anyone tell you they aren't. We did not eat enough of them.

Ryan met a bubble.

The Happy Couple! (Just not our happy couple)

We took half of a free tour.

Ran into a soccer parade.

And met up with our people.

Crossed the famous bridge (that's the pictures above) and explored the Castle (below).

Next Day: Stopped at that famous bone church and another church on our way to the castle where we'd be spending the night.

Castle Tour Guide. A Hero of the trip.

We went to this storybook town for exploring and dinner that evening.

Jeff's niece and nephew were taking profile pics the whole time we were there.

The next morning: Wedding Time!


CompaƱeros de Cuarto

Amigos, o algo.

The next morning, after returning to Prague the night before, we went out into nature. I'm a big fan of nature when it's all rocks and ravines and cliffs and boulders and stuff.

Back in the city, more churros.

We watched these kids do dance routines for a few more musical numbers than you'd think we would.

The next morning, at like 3, we were up and at 'em and off to the airport to return to our respective cities. What a nice little trip we had. Hard to believe it was more than three months ago.