Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Happy Anniversary, Trip to the MoMA

Two weeks ago I met up with Sam and Alpha at the MoMA but it feels like it was just yesterday.

This is neither Sam nor Alpha, it's Marcus.  He happened to be there that evening, too.

Waited for the girls for a little bit in the sculpture garden.

Then ate up a little art.

Passed buildings on our way to get post-art tacos.  Ran into a waterfall, too.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Best Signs of Spring

Clearly it is Spring once more.  And I don't say this because the buds are out.

Or because Occupy Wall Street has emerged from its hibernation.

But because I've had my first back to back nights of Shake Shack, a sure sign of springtime social planning.

First, Tuesday night was Kelley's Birthday Party with Kait at the UWS Shake Shack.

Then Wednesday night, Dave's going away party at the Madison Square SS with so many good Union Square people.  And Wait, you may say.  Dave's going away?  Sadly, yes.  But the rumor is it could just be temporary.  Let us hope so.  So hard.

This is Dwayne.  Or is he Duane?  I don't know yet.

You know Jeff.


Mark with his X100.

Me with my M8.  After almost three years I still squint too hard.



My camera can be a little tricky to use at first.

Cannot find my hamburger anywhere.



Let me say something.  The Madison Square Park Shake Shack has a special bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper relish burger called the Smoke Shack right now that is so good.  You should try it, if you can.  And the custard calendar is very exciting these days.  Tuesday night's custard was Root Beer Fizz, Wednesday night's was Rocky Road.  Later this week they've got a Peanut Butter Bacon Banana custard.  It's going to be quite the Spring/Summer.

Wonder who is home?

Almost home myself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best I Was Trying to Be a Journalist

So, Friday night I went to see the Hunger Games at 10:15 at Lincoln Center along with everyone else in the world.  I tried to take photos that would convey the enormity of the line I encountered there.  I did not succeed.  But here's what I got.

About ten people down from the head of the line I find Kim and some of her friends.  "When did you get here?" "About 7:45." (for the 10:15 show)

The line continues down through the lobby, halfway along the wall I run into Jess and Lauren and Tim.  "When did you get here?" "8:15." (I think that's what they said.)

Around the corner from the lobby I run into a cluster of people I know.  "When did you get here?"  "8:45."

Then there's the staircase.  The line goes all the way down the staircase.

Here's some of my group, we got there at 9:00.

Here's the view up the staircase from where we were.

I was worried we were dead last in line because hardly anyone came after us.  So this made me also worry that there would be absolutely no seats together in the theater.  Turns out the people that came after us they lined up outside the theater.  We sat in the biggest theater at the theater (there has to be a better word, right?) and there were plenty of seats, we actually got pretty great seats ourselves.

And what did I think of the movie?  It was fine.  I had actually listened to the book at work earlier that week and I think I would have liked the movie better if I hadn't known the story.  Because then I would have been like "Ooh, ooh, what will happen next?!" instead of knowing what was coming and wondering how they'd portray it.  But it was fun to be there, the excitement was exciting, and I loved the Twilight trailer because I got to yell "SHE'S GOING TO EAT THAT DEER!" at the very end.

Speaking of ends . . . what about the end of the Hunger Games?  They rushed through the whole climax so quickly it felt like they were running out of film and needed to just get it done with.  The book would make a better Lost-style TV series, I think.

But, hey, don't listen to me.  I don't want you thinking I'm a guy with a strong opinion about the Hunger Games.

Oh but wait.  I do have one strong opinion: I wanted Katniss to kill Rue.  Sorry but I thought it was a story about teenagers killing teenagers so I imagined Ms. Everdeen would have to get coldblooded at some point if she really wanted to win.

Maybe next year.