Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Two Best Things Marlon Brando Ever Did

I had been hoping to find the perfect picture to go along with this post, but the internet appears to have won this round. Anyway, it's super old news now, but Mr. Kurtz, He Dead.

Like most youngsters that were raised on VHS tapes rented by parents fearing for their children's moral well-being, my only exposure to Marlon Brando for a good while was in the movie "The Freshman" where I couldn't even get half the in-jokes. But, by the end of college, I had seen a few Brando films and I can tell you what I like best of all that he ever did (both come from "On the Waterfront"): 1) When Brando is walking through the park with Eva Marie Saint and he picks up her glove and brushes it off (that's what I wish I could've found a picture of) and 2) Later on in the film,when Brando bashes down the door and, well, forces Saint into submission from behind a wall.

I first saw "On the Waterfront" in my freshman (no pun intended) Intro to Film class at BYU and remembered liking it enough to catch it again many years later at the Varsity Theater--I knew I was in the right place that night when my linguistics hero Royal Skousen sat in front of me with his wife and growled (because dude is a lot like an angry old badger) "Aw yes, Marlon Brando."

Although the only person in the world to whom this makes any sense currently lives in Honduras, for a while it was my wish to go Shark-Caging with Mr. Brando. Some other time, I suppose.

And you know what, I'm not inserting a hyperlik to the imdb listing for "On the Waterfront" because I think my readers are all better educated than to need one.

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