Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best I Bet You Can't Believe It But I'm Posting About The Tetons

You might not remember this, but back in . . . August? I went with my family to the Tetons and Yellowstone. And now I am finally starting to post it. 

Before the pictures of the adventure part of the trip, I just want you to know that Rachel got an electric scooter and that Dad assembled it.


And then I rode it.

And now, the adventure part of the trip.

Up bright and early, I think it was a Monday morning, we left Highland for Idaho or Wyoming. Depending on how you look at it.

We stopped for a rest at the famous Flags West Truck Stop outside of Downey. I don't remember asking this photo to be Sepia-toned. I really thought it was going to be Black and White.

Our first official stop: Bear World! It's like the Jurassic Park of bears. Some members of my travel group (or "family", if you would) thought it to be a tourist trap. I, myself, thought it a wonderland. I could've stayed there all week!

Bear cubs!

Amusement rides!

Petting Zoo!

Cub feedings!

Driving car through bears!

Back on the road to the Tetons.

Evening layover in Jackson Hole.

You know what is an absolutely not worth seeing? The famous Jackson Hole shootout. Skip it!

We were scheduled to lay waste to Jackson Hole's #1 Vegeterian-Friendly organicy restaurant. This is the family waiting to destroy it.

And once that was taken care of, we went over and wrecked an ice cream store.

Then under cover of darkness we arrived at our cabins in the Tetons. The next morning we got on a boat. This picture was taken right after I tripped and fell on my butt trying to fit everyone into the shot. And that's why the smiles are so genuine. Everyone's so happy that I fell.

Mother Daughter map time.

Brother Brother Boat Time

Nephew Uncle boat time . . . look closely at this whole blog post and you might figure out I'm curious about this Walker fellow.

Safety instructions.

Safely ashore, we hike and see waterfalls and eat sandwiches as stuff.

I was walking along and just found Blake doing this.

Beautiful mountains, etc. etc., blah blah blah

That evening we rode horses to dinner.

Some people wore helmets in case the horses fell over from walking too slow, like a bicycle might.

Imagine this view for an hour and a half. That was my trip to dinner. Don't worry. My horse never went faster than I could have. I was always completely safe.

But the nice thing about the ride was where we wound up.

Five minute after this photo was taken I realized I wasn't on my horse anymore.

We had a good cowboy dinner, though.

The next morning I got up super early with Kristen and Cory to photograph the sunrise.

But I photographed Kristen and Cory more than I photographed the sunrise.

Then that afternoon I went from never having been in a little outboard motor kind of boat to being someone who could drive a little outboard motor kind of boat.

Sometimes you have to row.

We went to a little island of our own and ate our lunch there.

That night we ate at our first lodge restaurant. There would be a few more.

We played a real good game of D&D that night but took a little break to watch the sunset.

The next morning, bright and early (as usual) we woke up and left the Tetons. It was time to go to Yellowstone. Someday I'll post about it.