Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best Good Ridance

If you've been to my apartment or talked with me much about my apartment then you know that there was a queen-sized mattress hanging out here when we moved in.  No explanation.  It looked real nice and it seemed brand new.

Well, we finally got rid of it.  Now there's room in the kitchen for my table.  And for some self-respect.

Also, did you know it's illegal to sell used mattresses in New York City?  That's why it's so hard to get one sold on Craigslist.  Because everyone on the internet is so busy obeying the law.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Additional Thanksgiving Happenings

Thanksgiving time wasn't just about balloons and parades.  I also had Thanksgiving.   In Newark.  With Cher and her flight attendant coworkers/friends.  I went there with Jeff.  Right there on the right is Dayna.

There's Cher!  Right back from working in Japan and falling in love with their fizzy fruit nectar.

Dee and her boyfriend were there, too.  But I only got a picture of him.  He whacked me with a pillow.

I misunderstood Cher and thought we were just having cold cuts for dinner.  Nope!  Proper Thanksgiving dinner!

Not being one to show up emptyhanded I grabbed a 20 piece on my way over.  Did I wind up having McDonalds three nights in a row during Thanksgiving time?  May have.  Did I almost have it a fourth time?  Possibly.

They were no match for Cher's paos de queijo, though.

It seems like all of Thanksgiving weekend is called Black Friday now.  On one of those Black Fridays or the other I made returns, not purchases.  But I can't decide if I'm going to keep these shoes or return them.  They look so good in the box, but when I wear them I feel like Jerry Seinfeld.

On Saturday I finally almost totally organized our kitchen and went cooking crazy.

Look at this genius set up!  I put my computer up there so I could watch the new Woody Allen documentary from PBS while I did all my work.

I cooked a pot of chili and a pot of red sauce simultaneously.  Because they're both delicious and they both require four hours of simmering.

Then on Sunday I made a proper Sunday dinner (lunch) of sorts for Derrin and Diane.  Only took us three months to sit down to supper together.

I roasted these carrots, too.  I wanted to have more vegetables than this but I couldn't find any satisfactory cauliflowers the night before.

And now that Christmas time is in full swing in Little Italy the Christmas lights shaped into a Christmas tree that are outside my window year round are finally lit up at night!

Probably better if I show it to you from the outside.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Festive Thick of It

Thanksgiving morning I headed up to Times Square to catch a movie with Jeff and Chaunte.  I had this suspicion that I would be walking right into the parade . . .

And I suspected correctly.  And I'll be honest, it was impressive and exciting to see those balloons floating down the street like I had on TV so many times as a kid.

Everyone!  Turn around!  Sonic is RIGHT BEHIND YOU! (the true story: seems 7th Ave is where they take the balloons that have completed their journey to deflate)

People love the parade so much they'll watch it from two blocks away.

Enterprising New Yorker selling some shopping cart-grilled pretzels.

Lots n lots of kids on shoulders.

"I love your coat!" "I love YOUR coat!"

Explaining balloons to his pop.

The theater was off 8th on 42nd, all of 42nd was closed off.  Unless you were going to a movie.  Hey Kung-Fu Panda!

Movie pals.  We saw Hugo.

After the show they hadn't let traffic back onto 42nd yet.  Everyone wanted their picture taken in the abandoned street.

Including me.

Around the corner 7th was even emptier.  End of the world empty.  Except for all the survivors.

Seems they had to take down streetlights for the balloons to fit.

It was a bright, squinty day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best Shape of Balloons to Come

Would you believe that I'm about to spend my first Thanksgiving in New York City?  I've had nine chances so far and I'm finally here.  Figure I better be serious about it, so tonight I went with Jeff and Chaunte to see the Macy's Parade balloons being inflated.

Big turnout, but everything ran smoothly.


And will I be up in time tomorrow to see any of these balloons in flight?  We'll see . . .