Monday, July 26, 2004

Best Spelling Bee of My Adult Life

I'm leaping over many already written, yet-to-be-posted posts worth of backlogged content to bring you this critical update. Tonight I attended a real life spelling bee for grown-ups way up in Harlem. Competition was fierce and the words (all drawn from the official Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee website) ranged from simple ("cousin") to extremely difficult (that Canadian fish whose name I spelled right, whatever it was). In the end, I finished 3rd (first amongst the fellows) to these young ladies: on the right, First Place Spelling Bee Genius Sarah Jane Udall (sporting her "The Best" Pin) and, on the left, Runner-Up Rebecca McConkie (sporting the "Sparkly Rainbow" pin). Go to shutterfly to check out more pictures of the competition. (Login using my NYU email, password is "pictures.") Really, go check them out.

If I pace myself correctly, there should be spankin' new content everyday this week. So you've got that to look forward to.

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