Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Best Googling Results Ever

Whoah, wait! Don’t hit the back button yet! Steady Mobbin’ isn’t turning into an aerobics-fetish site, there’s a story behind that picture . . . and I’d say it’s one of the best stories I’ve had to lay on you yet—even though I’ve pretty much already given away the ending.

Saturday night I was hanging with Pete and Hannah, talking about people we went to High School with, and I ask “Whatever happened to Gabby Resnick?” (You know, Gabby, the girl from English Literature that I got to know that time I actually had a detention and then we took expository writing together senior year. The girl with the boa constrictor, the girl who tried to grind off her pores, the girl with the dad who had to live in the Bahamas because of some investment thing . . . or at least that’s what everyone else said. That girl.) Almost as if he already knew of the treasure we were about to find, Pete whipped out his iBook and googled Gabby and low and behold, while I have become a law student (well, that’s what I suppose I’ve become), Hannah has become a jewelry maker and Pete has become a food and restaurant person, Gabby has grown up to be a fitness model under the pseudonym of “Gabriell Resnick.” And apparently, she’s also a female wrestler.

This, of course, is amazing to me.

I can’t even think of what else to say about it. Except people in the world of fitness modeling are cheap, because there seem to be a lot of galleries of Gabby out there, but they all cost money to see. Yet one could argue that I’ve already seen too much. Geeze, I knew Gabby was into eating good and staying healthy, I just didn’t know it’d go this far. Hey, be like Gabby and chase you’re dreams, that’s all there is to it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it was so much of a grinding of the pores as it was a burnshing - she just thought that if she eliminated her pores from the picture that they couldn't get clogged. And then she'd have perfect skin.

Without pores.

Brig said...

Perhaps this isn't the sort of thing I should hide in the comments section but research has revealed that Gabby isn't really a female wrestler. It seems that the website with her wrestling stats is just some bizarre game, like a role-playing thing I suppose, that uses photos of fitness models as "characters." I became suspicious when there were no wrestling pictures to be found and when I noticed most of the wrestlers' costume choices included: "leopard thong, topless, or nude"

Anonymous said...

her name is gabrielle young now. she's actually a doctor- the fitness is just a sort of hobby.