Monday, July 05, 2004

Best Cast I've Read About In a While

Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just started filming. After doing a little research on the actors mentioned in the article (most easily done here, of course)it's safe to say it's a pretty great line-up. The naked guy from Waking Ned Divine as Grandpa Joe? Perfect. And this will be Charlie's second film with Johnny Depp? How interesting. Just wish I knew who Christopher Lee will be playing.

This post is dedicated to Jen Gurney, of course.

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JenGurn said...

A post dedicated to me? That makes my night! I'm in Tokyo, Japan for work right now feeling stressed about the fact that my sight-seeing weekend is over, and I have to return my focus to my crap project. Some surfing on The Onion and your site have made things a little better.

Tokyo is pretty cool but expensive (the example I keep giving everyone is orange juice at the hotel is $12.70). Today I went shopping for Dreamcast games and other stuff and visited a shrine, in front of which were gathered dozens of the craziest dressed teenagers you'll EVER see. I do miss dear, sweet America for its not-gross food. I am pretty picky, but is it too much to ask that my gnocchi come with tomato sauce at an "Italian" restaurant rather than seafood sauce? Apparently it is.

Thanks very much for the good info!!