Saturday, November 22, 2014

Best Annual Visit (that Sometimes Happens More than Once a Year)

So a couple of weeks ago Andrew came to New York for a few days and this is what we did. 

Our first night we are salads (not pictured) and then Andrew got a Burger Joint burger. 

On the second night we grabbed dinner at the Noodle Bar and Andrew was able to enjoy throwback menu items such as the miso corn and shrimp and grits, as well as brand new items like the chicken meatball bun. 

 But the surprise winner of the night were these greens with a kimchi vinaigrette. Zingy!

Post dinner we stopped in at Big Gay Ice Cream and then Empellon al Pastor (as posted previously.)

The next night was Halloween and I posted about that right after it happened. 

Then we started Saturday off at Parm, walked around in the rain, and then I got my first new pair of jeans in 5 years. 5 years!

After that we spent a couple hours at the Saturday Afternoon Jam Session at Smalls. Very good use of time, very good way to hear some nice jazz.

And for dinner we had Mission Cantina, which I already told you I am nuts about right now.

Then later Sunday night we got hungry again so we went up to Parm for fried smashed potatoes and ice cream cake. 

Sunday lunch was Ssam Bar. 

Not knowing what to do between lunch at church, we walked all the way to Lincoln Square, stopping in at the Ace Hotel lobby for a minute.

At Times Square I caught a moment. 

And as we approached the park we were caught in a river of runners who just finished the marathon. 

Sunday evening we put my new lens, a Leica 50mm f/2 (or "Summicron") through its paces at the big bright art installation in front of Lincoln Center. 

Then for dinner we went to Torissi Italian specialties, the fancy big brother to Parm. Had ten courses of fine food. 

Amuse Bouche...can't remember what was in those little bags, but you ate them whole in one bite.

Squash Macchiato

Abalone & Celery

Blue Crab Minestrone

The next few items composed the "Mixed Grill" course, starting with oysters

Then a 1000 Layer Mushroom

These are mustards for the . . .

Pork Terrine with Pretzel Rolls

Scallop Marsalla.

Salmon Cannelloni.

Sheep's Milk Gnocchi

Squab Cacciatore

Ginger Lemon Ice 

Then this little guy hopped out bearing egg shells filled with lemon ricotta cheesecake.

Rainbow Cake.

And additional cookies.

Unfortunately, when I say "fine" I mean it in the "How was dinner?" "(shrug) It was fine." Nothing stood out, I thought the courses were going to build to something, but portions stayed small (or got smaller) and we left with shrugs. Or I should say we shrugged about half way down the block. It wasn't immediate. Oh well. Win some, ok some. 

And then it was Monday and Andrew had to pick up a Mini in Minneapolis so that was that for the visit. 

Now. When are YOU going to visit?