Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Revenge of the Village Halloween Parade

After being cancelled last year on account of Sandy, the Village Halloween Parade was back and better organized than ever last night. I've walked the parade seven (7!) times now and this was easily the least painful one I've ever done. So good job, NYPD and everyone else. Now let's see costumes!

I was R2D2.

A bunch of the girls went as the cast of Orange is the New Black. Their group costume proved to be extremely popular. I felt like I was walking in the Orange is the New Black parade. You'll be seeing a lot more pictures like this one.

A great many of us congregated at Grand and Thompson to head to the parade. During the line up we got separated and I never saw a lot of my friends ever again (that night). I hope they had fun.

Particularly sad to have lost my chance to walk with Ty the Sharknado.

Judging from a number of costumes I saw, Sharknado must end with someone chainsawing their way out of a shark?

Now start more pictures of strangers.

Do you see Charlie Brown there in the middle? Do you see the squiggle of hair on his forehead? Do you see Biggie Smalls on the right?

This head in a jar was one of my favorite costumes of the night.

Octagon! I wonder if he knows he's Octagon.

Another great costume: Like, a ghost with an iPad for a face, videotaping the whole parade.

Do you get it?

Vision and Wonder Man and there on the left, do you see Ant Man?

There was a great panic among the people to get a shot of this Batmobile.

See, Panic!

Two different costumes, both missing their eyes.

Jefferson Library tower has added tentacles along with its traditional spider.

Great newscaster costume. Extremely realistic.

Big moment when two Orange posses ran into each other. Like a family reunion.

Stacks and stacks of big plastic Jack O Lanterns in this fancy apartment's window.


Master and Pet matching costumes?

That other popular cable show I've never seen.

Dooms, MF and Dr.

Chill Penguin.

Lots of Minions.

Look it's me again!

Bumped into Trish and Leslie at the Chipotle.

If you're young, fit and fabulous and you're NOT dressed as some sort of seafarer then, frankly, I don't know what you're doing.

Skipped Chipotle for a slice. Please note Pizza-hat girl in lower left (or upper right). Something elegant and simple about a pizza hat.

Also something really dope about being a Classy Carrot. (And look, there's me again!)

Please refer to above statement re:Seafarers.

Illest Gorilla.

Hard to find a seat on the subway.

And that was Halloween! Home and blogging by 11. What a nice night.