Friday, November 29, 2013

Best Wedding in 13 Years!

Last Saturday all of the family gathered in Provo because Greg was getting married.

Best smiles from Owen and Emily, worst framing by me.

Rachel and Ellie. Were they flower girls? I'm not sure. They seemed very flowery. But I don't know if people have flower girls anymore. Or if this wedding had flower girls. Maybe their mom just made them flower girls on her own.

After the ceremony we ceremonially changed into ties Greg had provided.

Teresa and Kristen.

Uncle Frank.

Owen modeling the official tie of the wedding.

More evidence that maybe Ellie was a flower girl?

Friends and Family gather in anticipation of Greg and Becky's first appearance as husband and wife.

But first . . . Grandma!

And then, Greg and Becky.

Relax, Greg. It's me. Your brother. Brigham.

My dad's favorite BYU professor (and my favorite teacher of a course on Kierkegaard) happened to perform their wedding.

Presenting his bride to his childhood friends.

Siblings! I mean, Hermanos!

Greg's friends from gradeschool. Or at least one or two of them are. Or maybe they're from junior high. I don't know. Listen. These guys have been around a long time.

Dad with another staple.

Kristen and Cory and their family.

And then this friend of Greg's, Sara(h?), I took her with Greg to a Kaiser Chiefs concert in 2007! Look how fast they grow up!

Hermanas! (y hermanito)


Again: Are these flower girls?

There's me!

There's Mom and Dad!

Listen. This is going to be a long post, but pictures like this one are nearly done.

Nearly done, Ellie, I promise.

I went back to the front of the temple to look for my coat and found a couple of New Yorkers having been Just Married.

Next Up: Wedding Lunch at the Bombay House, Provo's best restaurant.

The buffet. And people carefully reading descriptions of the food.

Suburban West table.

Plate #1.

I am not sure what was going on at the table behind me.

Frank with Aunt Louise.

There was like a program during the meal with songs and speeches. Here I am singing. Just kidding! I'm speaking. How'd I do? Well, no one told me I wasn't the highlight of the afternoon. So I was probably the highlight.

Owen and me again.

After lunch we had a few hours to pass before the reception. Some of my time was spent on BYU campus. Look at these pixel birds they have now! Campus so edgy, 2013.

And then the reception! Held at the Start Up building in South Provo, just barely on the right side of the tracks.

Bride fixes the rug.

Aaron from growing up in Chicago was the DJ. Rachel couldn't believe it.

Greeting line slowly forms.

Get serious, you guys!

Okay, that's better.

Line assembled.

Line in action.

Provo/Baltimore friends the Taylors.

Popular with children: The dark staircase in back with a Pepsi machine at the bottom.

Popular with Children: Becky's Dad's Seeing Eye Dog in Training

Popular with Children: The cutting of the cake!

See! I told you it was popular with children!

Popular with me, however, is the chocolate wedding cake.

Best out of focus picture of the night!

Best in focus picture of the night!

First dance.

Mother and Son dance to Baby of Mine. Really.

And then everyone started dancing like crazy for the rest of the night.


And also apparently there was a serious game of Telephone going on on the dance floor.

Looking for the bathroom I found the guest book instead.

More dancing. And levitating.

Owen stone cold chillin'.

Man of the Hour(s) seeing off friends

And family.

So at the bouquet toss Becky threw her flowers right up on top of the rafter and there it was determined to stay.

Tried to get it with a human tower.

Then Greg showed up with a ladder and got it.

Toss #2

The winner.

Walker was showing everything something about his leg.

Twisting, again.

It was getting later, revelers were beginning to grow weary.

And then Aaron played "Here Comes the Night Time" and the partiers wished Greg and Becky farewell.




"Ok, so, now what do we do?"

Well, I was curious about what was going on across the street.

Greg told me there was a good taco place over there, turns out it was a whole encampment of Mexican food stands. 

This Tacos Don Joaquin seemed the most popular.

I wish I could tell you how much it smelled like a Mexico City taco stand. And I mean that as the highest compliment there is. A scent to bring me to tears.

The encampment was camped around a warehouse turned weekend Ranchero dance club.

It is possible that Owen and I snuck in. And that that dance club looked a whole lot like a wedding itself.