Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Christmas and the Day After and the Day After

Christmas morning.  So much calmer now that we're all older.  Didn't take too many photos, but here's this one of my parents trying out the new Tree Face Mom got Dad.  Or Dad got Mom.  Either way, it's for a tree.  Hopefully one in the backyard.

This is Mom's new bracelet.

And these are just some of my first f/1.1 daylight shots.

I spent Sunday afternoon making dinner, making red sauce.  Here it is at the start of its four hour simmer.  Didn't take too many other pictures cuz I was too busy chopping and stirring and measuring and roasting and stuff.

Roasted a bunch of carrots and heads and heads of cauliflower.

Tried my best to serve everyone an M. Wells style Caesar salad (with the Frankies Caesar dressing.  Taught the family not to worry anchovies.  A little), did not have nearly enough cheese.

You may notice my thumb is in my drink.  That's because of some oven mitt issues.

Monday afternoon I whipped up a Kentucky Fried Chicken Chicken Salad for family lunch.  Here it is along its way.

Monday dinner was Las Fuentes.  Of course.  All that food is mine.

There's Greg.

I insist on eating my Mexican food beneath only the finest chandeliers.

Giant bunny at the neighbors'.

Tuesday night dinner: Deep dish pizza.  It had been years for me.  And you know what's nice about Christmas break and being around the house most of the time?  Shirt repetition.

Okay, you'll never believe what happens next with my Christmas time.  It's just too exciting.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Christmas Eve Photos

It's hard to blog when you're so busy snacking and playing Zelda or Portal 2.  But here are pictures taken on Christmas Eve, starting at 1'ish AM going on through Christmas Eve Luke 2 reading.

Meetings strangers asking to have their pictures taken.