Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Best Post Written to Make Me Sleepy

So, yeah, it’s what? 1:30 AM? I wish I was better at going to sleep. Here’s some late night thoughts that may or may not be worth sharing.

Garden State opens at 4 theaters (2 in LA, 2 in NYC) tomorrow. While it might not be the best movie I saw this summer, it’s probably been my favorite (think about it, there’s a difference) or at least the movie I’ve been thinking about the most. I urge all interested parties to check it out when it’s convenient for them—I believe I said it before, but I’ll say it again, what this movie has going for it is it charms you to death during the first half so that you’ll accept (or just not mind) the slight quagmire of the second half. Also, this film has the greatest hugging scenes I’ve ever seen. You’ll know what I mean when you see it/them. I’ll be making a post about some real-life Garden State related adventuring in the next few days, so there’s your heads up on that.

The 2004 MTV VMAs are going to be in Miami? How awful. My first great New York City adventure was checking out the red carpet of the 2003s at Radio City. Had I had a briggie dot blogspot back then, I’d point you to a post where I’d be all excited about everything I saw and how crazy beautiful Beyonce was and whatnot—but there was no blogspot back then, so you’ll have to trust me. Have to say I’m bummed that I won’t be able to brave the crowds again this year.

I saw photographer Terry Richardson hanging out on Spring street on Saturday as I was tie shopping. How do I recognize photographers? It helps if they're scummy looking guys who do a lot of self-portraits. In related news, I stumbled across the Vice Photo Issue release party at Seize Sur Vignt after work last week. That I wasn't invited was appalling. I mean, I bought a shirt there once. And I've been reading Vice since 1998--I can't imagine a more qualified possible partygoer than myself.

Clicking around at the iTunes music store tonight I came upon Fatboy Slim’s new single, “The Joker”—and yes, it’s his version of the old song by what’s-his-face. My verdict: incredibly crappy, even if Bootsy Collins is singing it. To think, I was once so amped about Fatboy Slim and ventured out into the London nightlife to catch him at Fabric four years ago. How we all grow up . . .

And speaking of growing up, the iTunes music store, and bands I used to be really into, the snippets I listened to of Ministry’s “new” record “Houses of the Mole” (the sort of “Mole” that rhymes with “Holy”) sounded like their best stuff since their 1992 record (the one that the entire world refers to as “Psalm 69”—yet those words appear nowhere on the record). I guess by saying it sounded (is “it sounded” even proper grammar? Sounds real uneducated to me) like their best stuff since ’92 what I’m really saying is “It didn’t sound like total crap, as has all their “work” since High School.”

If I ever go to Dallas BBQ again, it will only be because I want to make someone else happy because that place is awful and always rips my guts up. I have had so many lousy meals lately. Case in point: that today was 2 Tacos for $1 day at Taco Bell is probably the dining highlight of the past 7 days, except for maybe Thursday, when, as I was going to bed, I realized I had completely forgotten to have dinner.

I’m going to Utah this weekend because I want to, and to have dinner a few times with my Grandma. At first it seemed like a really brilliant idea, but lately I’ve been having this feeling of impending doom about the whole getaway. I think it’s because I know I should be getting ready to move to my new place, not hanging out in the desert.

Look at me. I start writing in the middle of the night and I get all complainy. I hope everyone has a grand Wednesday and, if they’re taking any really long trips, that they bring a calculator. Me, I’ve got a birthday party that I hear will involve fondue to go to, so what am I being so negative for?

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