Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Best Continued Expansion of the Gene Pool

I just got word that I've got a new niece, Rachel Claire Edwards (daughter of Kristen the sister and Cory the Brother in Law.) No brand new baby photos as of yet, but, judging from her brother Blake, it'd be a pretty big surprise if Rachel wasn't an awfully cute kid. Oh yeah, she weighed in at 7lbs 5oz. I think that's what you're always supposed to say about a baby, what it weighed (although the opposite is true for Baby's Mamas.) So congratulations, Kristen,Cory, and Blake and congratulations to me. Too bad you kids won't have cousins for years and years.

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Anonymous said...

Brig, we've spent the past 1/2 hour reading the sacred archives of your blog. Good stuff - especially the Natalie Portman sightings, your ability to train little kids to like snakes, and this entry on Rachel. She definitely deserves to make it on your site.

By the way, Blake tried to pick up a WILD snake the other day, not like the tame snake that had the colors of his father. - C & K