Thursday, July 08, 2004

Best Post Whipped Up to Pass the Time

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I have the dubious honor of being one of three people left at my office until 9. I'm supposed to be the assistant to this one lady, but she's usually too busy to need assistance. So, if I've finished my work from earlier in the day (often the case, because I'm a dutiful worker) I'm left killing a little time until it gets close enough to 9 to annouce that I'll be taking off. Well, I've got at least an hour to go right now, so here's some stuff that has crossed my mind lately.

-I've now seen my third Rolls Royce Phantom on the road and my umpteenth Maybach--I wonder if I'm seeing the same Maybachs over and over, they're all black. The Rolls Royces I know are different because they're different colors. Anyway, I've seen my first Maybach being driven with complete reckless abandon, though. I thought they were supposed to be chauffer-driven land boats, not competition for bullet bikers weaving in and out of traffic. Anyway, forget all that because I saw my first new 2004 Bentley Continental GT on the 4th. Scratch "saw," I mostly heard it. The roar of its motor was a sound to behold, and the blur of its tailights an image to remember. I'd marry one, if I could.

-For a while I had no problem telling people that I thought Britney Spears' song "Toxic" was the joint, no matter what nonsense she'd recorded before. But now that I've discovered that another track of her's, "Breathe on Me," is rather good, I've got to wonder: could "In the Zone" be a good album? I mean, it's got a song with her and the Ying Yang Twins on it, so that's got to be good, because the Ying Yang Twins are among the reasons I'm at this very office, typing at this very keyboard. UPDATE: I walk by Britney's apartment building on my way home everyday. Tonight there were a bunch of black SUVs parked outside, I hear that's a good sign she's home. You'll never see me write so much about Ms. Spears again.

-I just looked at an ad and did the math and realized that VH1's "I Love the 90's" starts next week. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it's cool to complain that it's too soon? I don't care, should my weeknights be so open next week that I catch any episodes, I'll be a happy guy. Who knows, might be the source of all the content I'll have to give next week. Here's a Preview: Steady Mobbin' Loves 1993: 1993 is the year I first heard someone (Erin Kelley in US History with Ms. Marquez) say that something was "totally 80's" (her own jeans). If we could do it in 1993, why not 2004?

-Thanks to some blessed coincidences, I'm about to close the deal on a really great place to call my crib starting in August and lasting for a long time (I hope). Would-be visitors from out of town: start scheduling your visits now. Friends in the city: get ready to carry some boxes.

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