Thursday, July 01, 2004

Best Abbreviation of a Weekend Full of Adventure

These are all the things I did over the weekend that I was going to make a big write-up about, but I was getting really carried away and lengthy, so I decided to tell about them as quickly as possible.

-The ritual of buying a polo shirt from Seize Sur Vingt.
-The series of thoughts that lead me to foolishly order a catfish sandwich at Cafeteria.
-Watching "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" at Office Ops.
-Deciding against seeing Les Savy Fav at Volume
-What an absolute pain it is getting to the Newark Airport.
-Surprising my Mom by showing up in Chicago for her birthday just like the guy in that coffee commercial from back in the day.
-Eating pork loin wrapped with rabbit at Bice.
-Taking the folks up to Wholly Frijoles for what’s probably the very best Mexican in Chicago, a city, which if you didn’t already know, is full of magnificent Mexican restaurants.
-Picking up my Sister and Nephew from the airport so that they could also show up unexpectedly for my Mom’s birthday.
-Teaching my nephew Blake to like snakes. It was easy.
-My Mom deciding to (crap!) cancel her birthday reservations at Spiaggia to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on our back porch instead.

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Cindy said...

What about when you talked to me on the phone, you missed that part!!!