Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Best Trip to Jones Beach Ever (or "I Got 99 Problems, But a Beach Ain't One")

To celebrate the 4th of July Observed, I joined a small band of beach fans for a trip out to Jones Beach (which seems to be somewhere on Long Island) on Monday, July 5. I think it was my first time in the Atlantic Ocean, and the great body of water welcomed me by not holding back one bit and tossed me around like I could take it. Despite a general haziness to the weather and the fact that the concession stand ran out of hot dogs (for real) I had a pretty great time. How great? Would you believe I'd recommend you go to shutterfly (login with my email address, password is "pictures") to check it out? As you'll see, I went to the beach so hard that it hurt the city's feelings.

And if you were wondering, I got that awesome shirt from Emily and Marsha.

Oh, at Shutterfly you'll also find a new gallery of photos from Chicago, but they're mostly of Mexican food.

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