Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Let's Take a Look at Last Week

Second Sunday in a row that I'm dipping into iPhoto and posting an update on what I've been up to, this time I only have a week to account for.  Have I discovered a new weekly feature in this era of less frequent blogging?  Seems like it.  We'll know for sure next week.

Lately I've been having all my subway rides catered.

There is this $1 Bacon Burger at Burger King and I am crazy about it.  Burger + Bacon + Raw Onion + Ketchup + Mayo.  I'm crazy about it.  It's my little reward after each visit to the Occupational Therapist.

The overpriced buffet in my office building is now half-priced after 2.  So I'm taking photos like this as I figure out what's good from down there.  Con's of 1/2 Price Buffet: several Chinese food misfires.  Pro's of 1/2 Price Buffet: I am getting my vegetables.

Last Tuesday night I went and saw this French crime movie called Un Flic.  It was an okay flick.

First Present of the Birthday Season: A pair of high tech insoles.  So far they at least feel like they're doing something.

Came home so hungry Wednesday night.  I had a good avocado left for a good quick guacamole.  And, oddly, I had the necessary ingredients for a down and dirty quick plate of microwave nachos.  Low brow meets lower brow.

I am getting better and better at this game called Nimble Quest.  I have unlocked all the Heroes.  I regret investing so much time in bringing Gizmo the Gnome, my favorite Hero, up to a 3 Star rank.  His 3 Star power is not what I was hoping for (All the bad guys explode if he dies.  Too bad he has to die for this to work.)

Thursday came home in a terrible hunger and cooked myself as much fusilli as I could pile on a plate (too bad I don't have a 3D camera to convey the heigh of this mound).  But what I'm proud of here: such a perfect saucing of the pasta.  I think this is the best sauce to pasta ratio I've ever treated myself to.

Seeing this painting everyday is the absolute highlight of my walk to the train after work.  Jeremy Tominack, I salute you and George's Restaurant, I appreciate your contribution to the beautification of New York City.  Now: How do I buy this?

Friday after work: Shake Shack with Jeff and Chaunte.  I went with the Smoke Stack.  Nice.  Could use Ketchup and Mayo.

Friday night I went to a midnight screening of Willow.  Maybe I hadn't seen it for about 20 years?  It's so good.  You guys.  Willow is so good.  From an era where fantasy movies didn't require battles betweens armies of millions.

Some late night walking home graffiti

Saturday morning: Walked and walked and walked.  Saw a puppy.

My old Village grocery store is closing.  Guess they couldn't sell enough shallots at a dollar a piece to stay afloat.  I'll miss remembering being gouged here.  (But I did think the guy that ran the Dairy section was pretty cool).

Caught the tail end of Dachshund Fest in Washington Square Park.

Met up with Christina for lunch at Spicy Village just a few blocks from my house.

This place is a wonderful heaven.  Their signature dish is "Big Tray Chicken."  It's a big, spicy, oily tray of chicken and potatoes with noodles for sopping.  $13, way too much food for two people.  A magnificent heaven.

Their dumplings were good, but took up stomach space that could have been dedicated to more tray chicken. 

But I'd file the pork pancake under "Do Not Miss", both perfectly crisply fried and chewy, an amazing steal for $2.50 (this is only half the sandwich).

After Lunch: First run in with an Arrested Development ad.  Hard to put one's mind around the fact that we're a few weeks away from a fourth season.  7 years.  Can you believe it?  7 years since that show was on TV.

Saturday night: Meatball party at Brenda's house in honor of Chelsea's birthday.  Starting at 12 o'clock: Spicy marinara meatballs, bread, Chicken Cordenbleu meatball, Jalepeno Popper meatball, Sausage and Maple Breakfast Meatball and a Chicken Pesto meatball.  Amazing.

Oh and two flavors of cake: Tall and Short.

Went and saw the Ricky Jay magician documentary with Alpha at Film Forum.  So fun, watching tricks, learning about old forgotten magicians.  Cardini.  I think he was my favorite.  On my way home I saw this bunny.

I tried a pair of potential Birthday shoes but I only know one thing for sure: I must get my pants hemmed.  Must.  I look a disgrace.

(But I've already got a pair of Birthday Socks) (Insoles, socks, shoes [maybe?], it's a very podiatric birthday I'm planning)

Does anyone know anything about this show?  Is it worth a visit at all?  That New Museum. Always a gamble, artwise.

And finally, what a sunny lovely we

Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Here Is Some Stuff

I present to you various photos from things I've done during the last month.

In the middle of March I went to a discussion at a nearby bookstore between the Lucky Peach Editorial Staff and some of their contributing writers.

For about a week I ate mostly fast food fish sandwiches.  I cannot explain where this mood came from, the fish sandwich-eating mood.  But fortunately for everyone, it was just a passing weirdness.

Celebrated Patricia's birthday at the Melody Lanes in Brooklyn where I saw the best bartender in the universe.

One March Sunday I observed a group of fire fighters (the other ones are crouching on the opposite side of the car) trying to get their fire station cat out from under a car.

Don't worry!  They got it out.

Visited the MoMA with Alpha and a mess of visitors from Utah.  Interacted with the art.

One of my favorite bits of performance art: The Bodega Cat installations throughout the city.

A few weeks ago I had my first Cheeky Sandwiches sandwich.

And my last Salvation Tacos torta.

Visited the roof of the Pod 39 Hotel.

Noticed restaurants that tickled my funny bone.

Train arrival signs: A gift and a curse.  Sometimes I'd rather just wonder if a train was ever coming than have to know it was going to take 20 minutes.

Spent Conference Sunday roasting (and then shredding) a pork butt.  Also cooked a giant pot of chili.

That night I went to a social gathering in an apartment on the 30th floor the the Gehry Building downtown.

Something you can't tell from the outside: That the elevators are wild.

My tutoring fame has been spreading through the country.

This is the pump I was hooked up to for 6 weeks and the antibiotics that ran through it.  I changed it daily, all on my own.  Almost two weeks ago now I was finally disconnected from it, ending a section of one of the chapters of the story about how I had my elbow removed.

I only sorta kinda miss his little R2 beeps, but I sure like not having to carry him around all the time.

Surprise!  This is the tube that was sewn into my arm and ran to my heart, to circulate those antibiotics all around.

You could say I celebrated the removal with a trip to Diner in Williamsburg, my first visit to that fine establishment in 7 years.  If you want to visit a neat place where they turn the music up a little louder every few minutes and you have to absolutely scream at your dining companion to be heard at all, I really recommend Diner.

Got Collin's wedding announcement in the mail one day,

And an original work of Collin art the other.

Discovered this abandoned diner on the West Side Highway that I had never noticed before.

Used my pork for tacos.

And went to my second basketball game in three weeks (my first visit to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn)

A Tip: When they tell you "Hey, go around back, there's no line for that entrance" they are LYING.

But I found my first Nets game to be awfully fun.  And a screaming bargain at $15 for a super high up seat.  Cheaper than a 3D movie!