Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Happy Halloween To You

Happy Halloween! Pretty excited for it this year, I'm finally catching on that new York always does it good.

A few weeks ago my mom sent me a package. It was haunted.

Oh, just this guy.

That's pretty cool and clever, if you think about it, your mom sending you an unexpected holiday package containing your favorite stuffed animal from your younger years dressed up as a ghost.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Best Darryl Does Standup

Craig Robinson performing a surprisingly absurd (especially for Def Comedy Jam--you can tell the crowd doesn't know what to think of him at first) set back in the 90's.

Best Business Plan

Well, for one, I know that my taqueria would be called "El Taco Sonriente."

Best Dance Party Worthy of Mordor...(the Heralding)

This Saturday, Nov. Uno, Emily is hosting a Day of the Dead/All Saint's Day Dance Party at her apartment (the way I see it, this is her annual big Summer party, she was just away every single weekend until now).

I've been given the honor of being asked to "DJ" (put songs in order on my laptop) the party. I am taking this task seriously and all I want is to give you a good time...I can't promise I'll always be playing your favorite song, but I can promise to play danceable songs handpicked for their party-moving potential...whether or not the party moves, that's up to you.

So far we're looking at a playlist full of hip hop, britpop, doo whop, garage rock, disco, electro, house, funk, r&b, soul, ska, calypso, cumbia, baile funk, classic rave, new rave, new wave, no wave, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, top 40, stuff you've never heard, stuff you know all the words to, monster ballads, slow jams, buttrock, boy bands, girl groups, hipster stuff, stake dance favorites, and reggaeton.

And if the moment is ever right, Raining Blood.

So come out to Emily's on Saturday night at's the night the clocks change, so there's no reason to be staying home. And if you don't know where Emily lives, contact me and I'll tell you...I can't just be putting addresses on the internet, right?

Oh, and Emily says wear black. Or black and white.

Oh, and also, song suggestions and requests are welcome and encouraged. I just want everyone to be happy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Best Saturday Evening Supper/Keeping the Laws of the Internet

The situation: a rainy, windy Saturday, 5:45 pm. Sit down to dinner with Scott & Erin at the Momofuku Ssam Bar. We get caught up on the last few months, discuss the future, eat like champions, and not a picture is taken. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

But what we ate was epic! Links lead to excellent photos on Flickr, clearly labeled "do not post on your blog" by their owner--a request I shall honor.

Pork Buns (of course)

Meacham's County Ham (tasty as ever, but sort of wish we tried the veal brain special that the waiter described to me, if you had heard the description, you'd have considered it too)

Fried Brussels Sprouts (just like Jeff and I made back in February, it was fun to try to deep-fried original...Erin paid the ridiculous compliment of saying she liked our roasted ones better but don't take that as Erin saying these weren't good because they were great)

Hamachi collar with yuzu ponzu, daikon, salted plum (Hamachi collar is the rather large, meaty collar bone of the fish [you really ought to click this one to see something almost too unusual looking] goes to Scott for wanting to try this one out, it was tasty, and dipped in the ponzu it was magical.)

Spicy Pork Sausage & Rice Cakes with Chinese Broccoli, Crispy Shallots (Erin ordered this Momofuku signature dish, I had never had it before. Wonderfully spicy and satisfying, would be an absolutely perfect dish to eat during a late night snow storm. And the rice cakes spoken of here are actually little mochis.)

Pork shoulder steak with zucchini, buttermilk dressing (I've been curious about this one for a while, my curiosity turned out to be an express-train to a flavor-filled wonderland. After my first bite I had to restrain myself from punching right through the window next to me. Grilled pork shoulder with a magnificent char on it sitting on a bed of creamy vegetable goodness, this is what I'll be craving for days (with the occasional spicy rice cakes pang.)

"PB&J" featuring Heritage Station concord grapes, saltine panna cotta (the table's consensus: essentially we applaud the idea of this dessert. I miss the shortcakes!)

Also, while we were eating two groups came in for a Bo Ssam. Now that I've seen that ten pound pork butt roast for myself I'm more curious than ever...ok, my new New Year's Resolution for 2008: find some friends and eat one of those!

Best Listen to Me Closer Than You've Ever Listened to Me Before

"Right now, right here, God has placed you to do what you do best...Go all the way."

In 3.04 we are reminded just how best the Taylors are.

The Dillon Top Three for the week:

1) Coach Taylor
2) Tami Taylor
3) There is no #3. The Taylors are so awesome that there's no room for anyone else, not even Smash.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Best Finally.

This means I got a package today.

And that means I'm not going to be complaining (about not having a computer) anymore.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best This May Be the Last Thing I Ever Tell You to Do So You Better Do It

Well, Collin has realized that I still have his computer and he's standing here, tapping his foot, waiting to unplug it and take it home so I've got to get this vital post to you while I still can.

I have seen the best youtube clip there is, and it is not the one where the kids are reunited with their lion, it is one where a Japanese girl tries sharing her apartment with two red pandas for a night.

The owner disabled embedding for the video, so you have to click this link to go see it, but I've posted this picture to capture your attention a little.

The video is about 8 minutes long, so gather the whole family and sit down together for a wonderful tale of cute little jerks. (and if you've been around for a little while it might remind you of this picture of my cat and Greg).

PS Remember how I saw a red panda in Japan and thought he was great?
And saw some again in Sydney?
PPS So, if Collin is taking his computer back, that means I don't have a computer anymore, so I won't be posting anymore, until I get my own computer. Let's just get that straight.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Birthday Tradition

Wednesday it was Collin's birthday, again...and we celebrated it just like we did last year (and just like we will next year): Dinner at La Casa de Los Tacos, Party at Emily's house.

Collin, Anna, Anna's ice cream cone, and I met up at 116th and Lex and headed on over to La Casa

Various well-wishers were already there, such as Jared, Janelle, Karlos...

...Brenda, and Ashley.

And Kim, who made Collin an Wicket card.

We had called La Casa and told them to prepare for a mighty army and when we got there the tables were arranged in a large horseshoe for us and chips and guacamole were on the table...totally out of the ordinary for this establishment.
Partiers quickly arrived and assembled and we filled that restaurant up.

A few days before the party Collin emailed me a guest list for his party (prior to his posting of the revised list on his blog). I felt inspired to make sure all the guests made it.

Can you locate (this isn't exactly Where's Waldo, more of a "this is who I meant to draw"): the Mouth of Sauron, Tom Cruise, Salad Fingers, George W. Bush, Odin, Sister Bolster, a Somali Pirate, the Witch King of Angmar, Jules Vern, and a Kitty?

More of us, including Peter and myself.

Let me point out here the Hadleys, Gabe, and Rebecca.

Back in the kitchen I noticed all the tortas lined up in a row, each cuter than the last. It was like a visit to Babyland General Hospital.

Last to order, first to be served. Everyone getting their dinner was absolute chaos, La Casa (bless their hearts) can barely get an order straight for a party of four, let alone doesn't get any easier when no one remembers what they ordered, either. A lot of plates were swapped in midmeal to straighten everything out.

Jared prevented such problems by ordering unique items, like a taco de lengua of this beautiful torta cubana featuring egg, cheese, ham, milanesa, steak, pork, and possibly a few other meats.

Anna was our Rookie of the Night, diving into sopes with abandon and enthusiasm.

Collin and I, in addition to our tacos or tortas, split some taquitos.

This is during the singing, pretty much.

This is when I told everyone: put your hands up and cheer!

You over there, cheer too!

As the meal wound up I found myself in possession of a thick stack of cash. Later I realized this money was meant to pay for the meal.

After dinner the challenge was getting down to Emily' was about 10, the Emily events were to commence between 9:30 and 10:00, many had already departed for her place, but still many of us remained and we got to the subway just as the 6 train was shutting its doors. Some of us made it on, some of us didn' light of accusations that sufficient effort was not made to help the people who's metrocards weren't even out when we entered the station, I submit this evidence of Jared's door-holding wounds (when the conductor wants to go, the conductor wants to go):

Down at Emily's there was a whole new batch of well-wishers, like Kimmy and Lexia:

Several cakes, songs, ice cream, etc etc. Party stuff, you know.


New shirts.

Man hugs.


UWS Superstars.

I told everyone to be natural in this picture. This is what Jacinta naturally looks like.

Laughs over the guest wish photo with Collin's old pal Paul.

Who is also pals with Rebecca.

And that's the Collin party post.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Third Season Development

"I always got one more."

Matt Saracen is a warrior, but as of 3.03, the best in Dillon are:

1) Smash's Mom
2) Matt
3) Julie

Don't worry, the picture isn't a spoiler.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best Well That's Just Awesomer

Check it, the Double Bacon Fatty Melt:

(this would be to bacon cheeseburgers sandwiched between three bacon stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches.)

Fattymelt technology is advancing at an alarming rate.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best What I've Waited for for Months

In 12 hrs or so Apple will be announcing the newest MacBooks and I can stop telling everyone that I don't have a computer because I'm waiting for Apple to update their laptops and now tell people that I don't have a computer because I'm trying to get one of those new Apple laptops.

Sudden rumor on the internet is they aren't updating the MacBooks, just the MacBook Pros...sort of hard to believe, but at least now I don't have to wonder to myself which model I'm going to go for.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best Excellence in her Field

The other weekend Karen "" Rusten was in town and we had a little lunch in Brooklyn at the Roebling Tea Room. Karen took some pictures of me and one of them has so far been quite well-received on Facebook (did I just write something nerdy?) so I thought I'd post them all here.

These two are the "Spanning Time" series:

This is the "Servant of Mammon" photo.

And this is the "Hey, you got me right after I checked the photo I took of you" picture.

And, for the record, here's the picture I took of the artist just before the capturing of the candid moment above.

Karen now eschews digital in favor of the elegance of film. Don't you want to too? Remember to contact Karen for all your portrait and wedding-photo needs. Or Jared for all your masterfully-crafted furniture needs.

Karen's Website
Jared Website

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Hey, why don't I post something?

I started working again, I blame that for no posts. Also, I blame not feeling like posting. Let me talk about the sorts of things I talk about...


I got Thursday off and I decided to fill it with learning. I heard about a taco spot in Astoria that was supposed to make the absolute best tacos al pastor so I headed out there. I got to the taco shop, "Los Portales", at was closed! Sign said it was open every day from 2pm to 2am. ? What in the world kind of taco shop is open from 2pm to 2am? Is there some religion that doesn't allow working before 2pm? I decided to kill the time by, uhm, getting a snack at another little Mexican place I had passed on my way to Los Portales. Err, my snack wound up being surprisingly filling...I walked back to Los Portales a bit past 2, things were a little slow around there, they were serving people, but the pastor spit wasn't going, they were just pulling meat out of containers. I decided to hold off and return some night when hopefully it would be bustling and I could get a proper proper taco al pastor, you know, give Los Portales a chance to show me their best rather than try their back up plan first.

(and for the record, Thursday night I had 96th street taco truck. Because that's how life is to be lived: as much Mexican as possible. I had a huevo and chorizo torta, I should eat a lot more of those. Doesn't count as breakfast for dinner, ok?)


First, I'm glad Kenley did well on PR this week. I didn't want it to be a fluke that she got this far. I like that the judges liked what she did so much.

I saw that first episode of Kath & Kim. I've been told it got terrible reviews, but I liked it. I liked that all the men worked in the mall. I liked that the ladies were never too mad at each other to not stop dead in their argument to get excited about an article of clothing. I wonder where they are supposed to live. Riverside? I think this will be like the My Name is Earl that I like.

This week's Office was definitely better than the last one. And funny how there was no Pam in it, huh? (except for her voice)

Thanks to me digging and the internet, I've seen the first two episodes of the new season of Friday Night Lights. Of course it's good. The first episode was better than this week's. They're certainly trying to fit as much as possible into each episode as this time they know they have to get a whole football season in in just 12 or 13 episodes. So the episodes feel a lot like the second half of the third season of Arrested Development. So it suffers a bit for that. But I couldn't possibly get mad at it. Also, this Jumbotron plot totally reminds me of the only episode of Family Ties that I ever watched--the daughter was taking on her college for spending all the money on a big new scoreboard instead of books, or something...way to copy the Keaton's, Peter Berg.


Nick and Norah's was nice, but no big deal. "Cute", I think that's the proper word. I successfully didn't let it bother me that they were always driving between points that were only a few blocks apart. Or that the recording studio (in real life) is across the street from the Grey's Papaya they were at earlier in the movie or that they probably could have gotten a closer parking spot than they did.

I saw a midnight screening of the Dark Crystal last night, really, that one deserves its own big post.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Best Don't Worry, I Still Eat

I know, it seems I just read books now. Don't be fooled, I still eat food and take pictures of it. Here's some stuff I've had this last week.

Last week I went to this new place in the East Village called Porchetta where their specialty is porchetta, an Italian roasted pork dish of sorts. I had Porchetta's porchetta sandwich which was just the pork on delicious, buttered bread with a side of bitter but tasty greens. You know I like pig so believe me, I liked this meal.

Serious Eats had an informative write-up on the restaurant worth taking a look at if you want to learn more. Click.

This weekend I ate at Mr. Skewer's Brazilian Grill for the first time. Mr. Skewer's Brazilian Grill is this fast-foodish place that opened a few blocks away from my house on very unlovely 14th street between 6th and 5th. It's been there a while and I've just wondered what it was all about...Saturday I found out. It's about gigantic sandwiches and totally messing up Jeff's order, that's what it's about. Still, my sandwich was fine and the menu left plenty to explore should I ever go back. Might happen.

Today. Today was my last "day off" before my next temp assignment, so I had to celebrate the occasion of having work to go to AND bemoan the dying of my freedom all in one meal. How is this best done? With some Momofuku, of course!

Recently the Ssam Bar changed their lunch menu and got rid of the lunch box options that I was such a big fan of, I'm not ready to go back there during daylight hours. So it was the Noodle Bar that I visited today with Kristin and this was a very genius thing to have done. There were lots of things on the menu that were either new or hadn't been on it for a while, so delicious discoveries were made.

First, we had a couple of pork buns, because that's necessary. No picture, I trust you remember the pure look of deliciousness from other postings.

Next, I tried their "Soy Sauce Egg", a medium-boiled egg (that means hardboiled but the yolks still runny [awesome]) that had been marinated in soy sauce (not sure if that was before or after boiling, I think it was before.) Salty and savory and excellent, it got gobbled up before it could get remembered, but here's some of the garnish...

Next, those magnificent Momofuku chicken wings.

Helpless against finger-licking.

Finally (yes, lost control and went all out) finished off with their Niman Ranch Tri-tip steak with kimchi butter and crisp potatoes. Holy moley! It was spicy, it was salty, it was magnificently medium-rare. It was like the brick of happiness that broke the good day camel's back and I just couldn't help but be extremely cheerful for the rest of the day thanks to how Excellent this steak was AND because of what a great job all that other food had done in leading up to this course. I can't really explain it and this is only going to sound wrong and bad, but imagine the most delicious thing they could possibly cook at Chili's and that's what this steak was like. Again, I think salty, spicy, and meaty is my favorite flavor combination.

With so much goodness happening we couldn't resist ordering some soft serve at the end of the meal. Currently the flavors are oatmeal and grape...they top that off with some granola and basically you're eating breakfast ice cream which is such a good idea!

Kristin shooting to be the Gyro Girl of the exotic soft serve world.

Walking back through the village ran into this cheery band of paparazzi staking out the Felt Building on 13th street...apparently that's where Tom, Katie, and Suri live when they're in the city? Saw no celebrities ourselves, no biggie, had the most delicious lunch possible in the world today, I'm not going to complain about anything.