Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Best What Else I Did (So Far)

Wow, am I still on break? Guess so.

Some of you readers may be wondering, "Sure, Brigham has gone home to Chicago and done stuff with his family and by himself, but doesn't he have any friends left back home?" The answer? Yes. One. I have one friend left in Oak Park, and he is called Lucas. Lucas from 7th Grade Spanish Class.

Saturday I went with Lucas to Freddy's, an Italian grocery store (I don't care what the website says, I certainly wouldn't call the place a 'pizzeria') that also sells food (wait . . . that's not right) in Cicero. This is Lucas with the gnocchi. I absolutely cannot pronounce "gnocchi."

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Me, I had whatever you call short round pasta where the edges are cut straight (not on a bias). And a stuffed rice ball. And a Sprite.

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More Lucas!

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Saturday us family took our second trip of the season to Las Fuentes, our preferred Mexican restaurant. My new camera has a 16:9 setting for photos, so here's one of those . . . problem is, to make it fit on this page horizontally means the picture has to be really short vertically which means that I won't be showing off too many 16:9 shots.

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Lucas (remember him?) is an actor, and Monday night I went to see him perform with Barrel of Monkeys. The show was great, I recommend it. Too bad you probably don't live in Chicago, huh? Anyway, at the theater where the show was they had paintings of all the presidents in the hall. This was my favorite one. Not president, painting. My favorite painting. Not my favorite painting in the whole world, though. Just my favoirite painting in that hall. Of Presidents. Sheesh you guys are easy to confuse.

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Something you should know. If you see me, and you ask me what time it is, I don't have to look at my cell phone to answer your question anymorem, because now I have a watch, which is what that thing on my wrist in this picture is.

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Why isn't my house noisy now? Because Kristen, Cory, Blake, and Rachel went home this afternoon. But before they left I got a picture of Kristen posing with a copy of Scrapbook Answers because, hey look! That's her and Blake on the cover. They're models.

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And she was worried I'd post a bad looking picture of her. Come on.

Also, something wild that happened this week during one of my nightly dinners: An ice cube in my glass sank. Or never floated in the first place. Science is tricky!

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Smash said...

I was born in Oak Park. Maybe we were neighbors? eh?

Lucas said...

thanks for the plug, Brig. The barrel of monkeys website should be, however, not .com. Do I look that tired and disgruntled all the time?

Brig said...

The error has been corrected. I don't know how I let that happen, as I'm fully aware of the .organization's non-profit status.