Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Best Holiday for Nerds

Today Steve Jobs makes his MacWorld keynote address. Every year this is the day that the Apple products that the world will be talking about for the rest of the year are announced. The address begins at 9 am Pacific time (Noon here in New York) and a bit (hour or two?) after that the internet will explode with the news of what's headed at us and then the Apple website is updated with the full info on the new stuff.

If the news doesn't involve Intel-powered computers (particularly laptops) of some sort, nerds will be upset.

And no, I didn't have anything better to post about today. I shouldn't have double-posted yesterday.

UPDATE Intel-powered "MacBookPro" is a Yes. I'm guessing the name means that later on there will be a non-pro MacBook replacing the iBook.

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Tannerama said...

If only I hadn't spent all my money on my computer that makes the computer from Superman 3 look like a see and spell... that's right I just saw superman 3 for the first time today and already I am referencing it.

I do like how on the apple page they find a way to get a dig in about PCs for all the mac-nuts (like myself.) to assuage their fears that next apples will be running windows. It like apple said "Sure, you use the same processor as your PC buddy. But has the intel logo ever looked as cool as it does with simple letters and a glossy black finish? I don't think so. Hold your heads high Mac owners... you're still better."

By the way Brigham did you see my new years pictures on my blog? Why no comment, friend?