Sunday, March 26, 2006

Best Staying Ahead of the Trends

I shaved my beard (off) a week ago, just barely getting out of that scene before the NY Times blew the lid off the trend.

liked beards back before they were cool and sold out.

But I'll confess that after I shaved it I felt like a Unicorn without its horn for a while.


Mike said...

So crazy. I shaved off my three-month-old moustache a day before my brother forwarded me that article. Maybe we were shaving at the exact same time? I shaved mine off at 8am on Tuesday the 21st, which would have been 3pm on Monday the 20th in New York.

Anonymous said...

I shaved on Sunday.

I saw that you had shaved on Sunday (though you may very well have shaved long before then. you ARE. after all, a cuspster.)

And I read the article today.

Somewhere in all of this, there is really terrible joke about being on the "cutting edge."