Thursday, March 16, 2006

Best Neat New Things, pt. 4: The Failure!!

This latest edition of Best Neat New Stuff was supposed to be about the disclosing tablets I got from Diane Cannon, the dental hygienist. The post was going to start with a picture of the tablets, then have a picture of me chewing the tablets, then have a picture where my teeth were totally red from all the plaque that the tablets had disclosed, and then there'd be a picture of me brushing my teeth, and then a picture of how white my teeth became after a good brushing--and then this little experiment would inspire a lively discussion of dental hygiene in the comments section, or at least a few "Oh, I remember disclosing tablets! They're totally gross!" remarks.

That was the plan, but the plan failed. Twice.

The time I used the tablets my teeth were almost completely white after my minute of chewing and disclosing fluid swishing around. So I tried a second time last night, after having tried especially hard to have dirty teeth at the end of the day (I even didn't brush after lunch!) but my teeth were still sooo white after using the tablets, there was just a bit of pink between some of my teeth. Nothing too impressive. It turns out I take too good of care of my teeth, or something.

Another big reason that I'm calling this post a failure is that there was something sick about the close-up photos I took of my really-clean teeth. I've discovered the line which Steady Mobbin' will not cross: I will not post close-up. zoomed-in pictures of mouths, no matter how clean or dirty these mouths are.

Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the ugly head of censorship is reared.

Brig said...

Some call it censorship, others call it self-control.

Anonymous said...

Is that your bedspread in the background?

Cindy said...


Brig said...

No, it's my Thomas the Tank Engine table.

Really. (sixth item down)