Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Best On-the-Go Downloadableness

Podcasts. They're a big deal and great for listening to if you like to walk to school, travel, or go grocery shopping. These are the ones I've indulged in:

The Ricky Gervais Show on Guardian Unlimited Of course. It's the most downloaded podcast ever invented (because podcasts are relatively new). Makes for excellent listening on airplanes and slightly less excellent subway listening because it's a little weird to be trying to hold in fits of laughter while traveling with sullen New Yorkers. Unfortuntely, the shows wear a little thin when you realize it's just going to be 20 minutes of making fun of Karl Pilkington every time. The last couple shows can be found here.

East Village Radio A great New York-based internet radio station that makes all of its programming available as podcasts. An excellent way to stay hip and cutting edge in genres of music you didn't even know existed. In particular, I often listen to the MisShapes show (Dj'd by the kids behind the popular hipster dance night, if you listen to it every week there's a lot of music that's repeated, but if you only check it out every now and then it's a good time), The LetOut (presented by the Fader magazine and typically run by DJ Nick Catchdubs and others associated with the Rub), and Mark Ronson's Friday night show. Explore East Village Radio dot Com to find the shows that suit you best.

MadDecent Radio This is exciting, a new show put together by Diplo, the more popular half of Hollertronix and the man behind (among so many other things) Piracy Funds Terrorism. From the gutter sounds of the first show it's safe to say that Baltimore is the new Brazil. If you've listened to, say, at least two Diplo or Hollertronix mixes besides Piracy Funds Terrorism then you've probably heard most of what's on the first episode of MadDecent (but it's still, you know, mad decent, so don't sweat it). MadDecent Radio can be found in the iTunes music store.

Dear Readers: What podcasts do you like?


Cory & Kristen said...

Brig, when will Steady Mobbin' start podcasting?

Anonymous said...

i did suscribe to the podcast from (you know that site where you get all the real news). but surprise surprise there would only be a new podcast once in a blue moon. i don't think they even do it anymore.

bets said...

I don't understand podcasts. They make me want to cry.