Monday, March 20, 2006

Best Neat New Things, pt. 5: The Portrait!!

Mitch painted my portrait! And gave it to me!

(If you have keen eyes, perhaps you've noticed my portrait in the upper right hand corner of my blog for the past two weeks? So this is the behind the scenes true story)

I believe this photo, taken from Jenna's blog, served as Mitch's inspiration.

Consider me quite impressed, very grateful, and more in love with my own face than usual.

PS Did you know that the Blogger spell-check doesn't know that "blog" is a word? Ha!


Two Clazzy Ladies said...


Cache said...

is this a re-paint of the portrait you have on your profile?

Brig said...

It IS the portrait in my profile.

marshall p said...

that is great. I think everyone should have an oil painting of themselves somewhere.
also I DID know that blogger doesn't know the word blog, and I thought it was pretty strange.

Anonymous said...

are you going to keep this next to your bed? what if you wake up in the middle of the night and scare yourself and then pee your pants. you should get extra sheets for this picture. plus i like it.


bets said...

Can we please focus here? Is that some slinky black undergarment sticking out from behind the painting?

Brig said...

Ahem. If you must know, that's a pirate's eye patch, an extremely important over-garment for us seafaring rogues.