Saturday, March 25, 2006

Best New Rule

I would like to propose a new rule, that the pets shall be allowed to eat at the table on Thanksgiving provided they:

1) Sit in their own chairs
2) Wear napkins tucked into their collars
3) Consent to wearing pilgrim hats or Indian feathers if the family is inclined to dress them up

I feel this rule would foster closer family ties and funnier photos for Christmas cards.


Anonymous said...

I have no objection to the new rule. I am, however, curious as what sparked the proposition of such a rule???

ian said...

That is pure genius.

Anonymous said...

How are we going to train Kelsi to sit still in her own chair?

Cache said...

ziggy already does that

Brig said...

Ann #1: Sometimes, when I'm sitting around, I just get really, really good ideas.

Ann #2: We taught Greg to sit still, I'm sure we can teach Kelsi.