Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best SoCal Burger Secret

It's taking me a minute to compose tales of Brotherly Adventure so, for now, here's something that's not about brothers.

It's something I learned from Lucky Peach magazine

"Umami" is the word for the flavor of MSG.  So Umami Burger?  That's a more marketable way of saying "MSG Burger."

Mr. Harold McGee writes: If you love tomatoes, one of the reasons you love tomatoes is that they contain much more natural MSG than many other vegetables.  If you love aged Parmesan cheese or if you love an aged steak, one reason you love those foods is that the aging process breaks the proteins down into amino acids, MSG included.  Parmesan cheese and aged beef have some of the highest levels of MSG of any food we eat, and that's part of what makes them delicious.

When the waiter at Umami Burger told us that the burgers had been designed for maximum-Umami flavor, he didn't mean that the chefs had waved a wand over them, he meant there was some science in that roasted tomato and parmesan (and mushroom, also a natural home to MSG) burger.

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