Monday, August 29, 2011

Best 25th Birthday

While packing I found some stuff relating to my heavy metal birthday party in 2002.  

Kay, Myself, and Ashley.


Cindy helped me make the invitation.  I came to her with a concept and a few jpegs and she whipped the  whole thing up in no time flat.  Look at this piece of art!

Pretty good invite, right?  Nine years later I kind of take issue with how I clumped together Norwegian Black Metal with Hair Metal but, hey, we were just kids out to have fun.

Cindy.  Me.  Erin.

Man.  College.  What a time, right down to the very last spring term.


Collin Mapp said...

You look like Ron Wood in that top picture!

Anonymous said...

Moar 2000-2002 posts plz.

-The kittens

Dad said...

So it wasn't all Kierkegaard and Joyce?

Brigham said...

It was harder to get people to come to that party, Dad.