Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Best Something We Did Before Greg Got Back

Like I've been saying, Greg's flight back from Argentina was two days late so we had to think of stuff we could do without him that he wouldn't get mad at us for doing.  One thing we did was eat ribs.  Bad idea.  He got totally mad about that.  But something he didn't get mad about was our going down to the Museum of Science and Industry.  But he should have gotten mad at us, because it was pretty interesting down there at the museum.

Not the museum.

The museum.

There's Owen.

The sort of bumper sticker you can expect to see at the Science Museum.

As usual, we started with the space part of the museum.  I actually think the space part of the museum is kind of dumb.  Me and that kid both.

I don't think these dudes are dumb, though.

U505 submarine.  Look familiar?  It should.  Much quicker visit this time, though.

These guys totally failed at the Help-the-Nazis-Escape-the-Depth-Charges simulator.  I suppose we should be grateful to them.

Then we headed for parts of the museum that I didn't make it to in May . . . and right into more space stuff.  But I liked this space stuff.

Passed through a hall of old pictures from the museum.

They used to have a washing machine demonstration?  Where this girl would climb into the giant see-through machine?  Sheesh, like they say, those were the good ol' days.

There's a hall full of classic cars terribly in need of washing and waxing.  Poor Aston Martin.  I won't even show you the Rolls Royce.

Wound up at the pendulum, flashed back to semi-bad grade school memory from standing in that very spot.

Had to visit the Fairy Castle because I remembered the Fairy Castle.

So who was Colleen Moore, the donor of this Fairy Castle?  Wikipedia her, or read this:

Then headed up to the main floor.

Watched the model train for a while.

Then . . . what's this?  A new area I had never ever seen before.  Basically a huge collection of giant science fair experiments.

Learned about tsunamis.


And prisms.


There was a vortex machine.

The put Blake in it for a demonstration.  He volunteered himself, just like Captain America:

Went into an area called Fast Forward for a little bit to learn about the future.

Hmmm . . .

I guess the future is just going to be full of pixels.

Went back to the science fair area.

This was an avalanche simulator.  I could have watched it forever.

Instead I recorded it for a minute:

They had an exhibit about old people

And also an exhibit about how Twinkies don't age.  I don't really care for this sort of think, using science to pick on Twinkies.  So what if this Twinkie is already two years old and hasn't aged at all?

And this was, I don't know, time or something.

So yeah, that was the Museum of Science and Industry.  A nice place to visit when your missionary is two days late coming home.

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