Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Eating Pie on a Roof Birthday

Tuesday night I went to my 3rd ever Aubrey Birthday Party.  The first time I didn't even know who she was.  Look how far we've come in two years!

The party was on Josh's roof and Josh had a portrait-taking setup in full effect.  You should see the Facebook album!  It's a thing of beauty.  Does that link even work?

The main idea behind this party was there were pies from Bubbys.  I'd never had a Bubbys pie.  Now I've tasted three kinds.  Can you guess which ones I tried?  Come on, just guess.  I bet you get it right. 

Right there on the left, that's my new roommate Darren.  We could be living in Little Italy as soon as Saturday!  It's all a question of packing.

Rooftop party people.

This is Lars' sister-in-law Victoria, she's in town for a few months.

Caesar blue his hair.  And was the first of several partiers to throw forks up at the camera.

Andrea: This photo was taken just for you.  Why don't you answer your phone?  That's what Alpha and AnnMarie want to know.

I handed Alpha my camera and said, "Please, go and take some talented photos of the party, please."

I present to you Talented Alpha's high-ISO party photos.

Caroline and forks.

Hooray for birthday parties!  Hooray for pie!  Hooray for photo booths!  Hooray for everything, forever and ever!

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Bek said...

brigs, i'm digging the black and whites of you. don't let it get to your head.