Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Will Be the Best

Why aren't we talking about Red Tails more?  Why aren't we talking about Red Tails all the time?  It looks so good!

But of course it looks so good!  That's because it's going to be so good.  Why?  Why will this George Lucas (produced) Tuskegee Airmen movie be so good?  Because it plays to George's strengths!  It's the story of a plucky band of outcasts called to fight for a good and noble cause against an evil foe.  It is a movie full of dogfights and if there's something George has always delivered on, it's dogfights.  The original attack on the Death Star was inspired in part by WWII air combat footage/old WWII air combat films, so it's the perfect territory for him to be turning to.  People.  Step back.  George has got this one.

And look at the cast, aside from Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. all up in your face, the movie has Method Man in it AND Lions QB1 Vince Howard!

If you watched the trailer do I even have to tell you that people will be cheering out loud in the theater?

Also, I'm excited to learn more about Eddie Winslow's grandpa

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