Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best Obligatory Hurricane Post

I have put tape x's on my windows and moved my bed to the other side of the room.
My roommate and I have over six gallons of bottled water between us and I've filled every canteen and squirt bottle we've got in the apartment.
I found a bucket!  Later on I'll fill the tub.
Cans and cans of chili that were on sale at CVS.  Lots of Peanut Butter, Clif Bars, Pop Tarts, Pudding Cups, Apple Sauce, leftovers, and more.
Lots of movies on my computer I've been meaning to watch.
Started Moby Dick earlier this week, love it, maybe I can finish it this weekend?
I've also got article to print up and another long story I've been working on.
I'm so close to being done packing for my move.
Phone calls with my parents, email from Grandma, texts from friends.
At 11:11 a heavy rain began but it has already let up.

Basically, as long as the power stays on this is probably going to be the best weekend.

And also, check the Facebook record, I made my "Come on, Irene" joke on Thursday.  Before it was cool.

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