Monday, August 01, 2011

Best Breaking News, Expanded Edition

So yes, Friday afternoon we all went to O'Hare to welcome Greg back.

That Miami flight is what he was on.  It got in a little early, but we were ready.

Ready and waiting.

And waiting.

And then, suddenly, there he was!

After we all hugged, pictures!

And pointing to his flight (just like I made Owen do)

Everyone saying "Look how skinny he is!  Listen to how he talks!  Look at what he's doing with his hands!"

So we listened as he told the behind the scenes story of his two day plane delay.

Straight to the internet with all this stuff.

You can help Santa's Little Helper.

Greg met Walker, the newest Ewards/Barnes.

When we got home, he couldn't believe how big the "new" tree had gotten.

Checking out mission control.  Ha!  "Mission" control.  Didn't even realize I was making that joke.

Hugging his kitty.

A few hours later, it was time to head to dinner.  Can you guess where?

See that giant bunny?  I almost caught it.  Trust me.

Dinner was Las Fuentes.  Is that what you guessed?

Family!  Basically all of it.  What a treat to have Greg back again.  I am glad the volcano did not keep him from coming home.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

Greg, welcome back. My boss got stuck in Argentina as well and my other boss didn't make it down there for the same reasons. Crazy Chile with its crazy ash. But regardless, welcome back. I can't believe it has been two years. I am listening to your Tighty Willis album right now in your honor.