Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Okay, Okay, I'll Get an iPhone. And Join Twitter.

Hey, remember that earthquake we had today?  I know, it already seems like that was so long ago.  Still, I can't help but want to share my earthquake story.  If you live here, it's probably very similar to your story.

I was in the bathroom when the earthquake happened.

And I wondered to myself, for a split second that I barely noticed, "Am I on a boat?"

When I came out of the bathroom all my coworkers were leaving the office.  I wondered, at first, for a split second, if it was someone's birthday.  And then I wondered, second, for a split second, if they had all finally had enough.  They told me that the office had been shaking and they were getting out of there.  So I followed.

We passed someone in the hall as they were saying ". . . same thing happened in DC."  So I walk down 13 stories worth of stairs wondering "What sort of same thing?"

Out on the street the sidewalks are filling and everyone is on their phones to find out what has happened.  There's a mystery period where no one can make any calls, send or receive texts, or get online--and during this mystery period a Department of Homeland Security van zooms down Broadway, followed by police and a firetruck.  Slowly our wireless providers begin to provide and the news surfaces that there has been an earthquake.  Either in Colorado or Virginia.  No, the guy saying that it was in Colorado is reading yesterday's news.  The earthquake was in Virginia.  A 5.8?  That's big, right?  I am jealous of the people with internet phones, I don't like having to overhear the news.  Patricia, who works nextdoor to me, found me.  So did my former coworker Dino.  So there were happy reunions while we waited it out, whatever exactly "it" was.

Here the story kind of just fizzles . . . after maybe thirty minutes we're told it's okay to go back in the building, but we can go home if we want.  Won't get paid if I go home and they've stopped the subway for the time being, so I'll go back to work.

And I did.


Side of Jeffrey said...

I'm glad you didn't die...or fall into the toilet and get your clothes wet. My bro-in-law was also going to the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

So, did you? Because rumor has it, there's a hurricane coming our way. *tweet**tweet*

Brigham said...

Would prefer my natural disasters to line up better with the release of the iPhone 5