Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best I've Been Meaning to Post these Pictures of my Good Looking Friends

Sometimes you don't make the posts you think you're going to make, here I am trying to make up for that.  Because I'm about to start making posts about my brothers being in New York for the week.

April: Claire, Tommy, and Cole came over for Conference.  After it was done we walked a bit, I never posted any of the pictures, and there were lots of good ones.

Ongoing: These days I work next door to Patricia, my first New York City friend.  Right now our meet-ups are about 50/50 planned lunches/bumping into each other on the street during the day or after work.

July: Pearl, Anne, and Alex were in town.  I never posted any of the pictures, and there were lots of good ones.

They introduced me to Elle, another person who knows my brother.

May I include a picture of myself?  Would that be okay?

I think Joe left New York?  Too bad I barely got to know him.  Here he sits beside the aforementioned Anne.

And this is the aforementioned Alex.  I had seen him once before in real life.  At the Salt Lake City Library.

While they were in town I met up with my friend Momofuku Duck Bowl again.  Momofuku Duck Bowl is definitely growing on me and I really liked this new guy, Fishy Broccoli with Duck Skin.

August: Jeff was in town, I had lunch with him and Gabe.  Jeff is trying to find a new signature sandwich, I was there when he crossed the Monte Cristo off his list for good.

Also August:  Dan and Kristy were in town.  Dan was in America promoting Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which he practically made himself with his own two hands.  They were staying at the Ace Hotel and we hung out in their room, so now I know the place a little better than just the lobby.  I feel like I'm moving up in the world.

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