Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Archeological Discovery

In preparation for my move I've been going through my stuff, throwing things out, and discovering things.  Like this Valentine's Day card from my uncle Frank that I got when I was really little, like Nursery School aged or before.

Up until now I thought that in 1999 my buddy Paul was the first person to call me "Briggie."  Nope.  The diminutive was coined much earlier than that.

Another thing about going through all your stuff before you move: It is good to have watched a season's worth of Hoarders before you do this.

And also, I didn't realize that I should have been sending my nieces and nephews valentines.  Sorry, guys.

1 comment:

Mitch said...

Where are you moving?
Do you need to crash in Cardiff for a while? (Tempting, I know.) Brig-I love Hoarders but Niall doesn't like me to watch it because then I want to throw out even more things. (He likes to keep as much as possible.)

I keep thinking about all your food adventures w/your brothers. I'm glad I got to be there w/the www.