Monday, August 15, 2011

Best 13th Street Report

Expanding on my run-in with the Cruise family:

Through the windows of their building we could see them come out of the elevator and then take a moment to double check themselves before coming outside.  They looked just like any other family in the world, getting the kid's shoes right, Mom making sure she had something in her bag, Dad checking on something with the security guard.  And also: Suri is probably the only kid who's as beautiful as my nieces.  And I think you know I'm not the sort of uncle to just throw around comments about my nieces and nephews.  (Collin called me out on that, in fact)

Expanding on my pre-Cruise dinner at Momofuku Ssam:

First dinner here all year.  I'm slipping.  The Pork Shoulder Steak is back on the menu, now served with a fried piece of Oaxaca cheese and hominy . . . in other words, the Ssam Bar is serving Mexican food now.  Or, and it's a stretch, the Ssam Bar has macaroni and cheese now.

At this same meal I had my first sweetbreads.  Sometimes you just can't stomach the thought of fried thymus gland, other nights you're ready to go.  And that's how I felt last Tuesday.  The verdict: This will not be my last plate of sweetbreads.  And now I might be ready for brain at M Wells.

Important MilkBar News:

New Cake Balls!  Pistachio and Dulce de Leche.  Two of my favorite retired cakes have returned in delicious ball form.

The aggressively sugary Birthday Cake ball is still in the mix and the Strawberry Lemon ball is on the way out . . . here's a tip: if you buy all three cake ball flavors, the cashier might just throw in one of the last bags of Strawberry Lemon balls.

Here ends my 13th Street Report.


Broek said...

Clearly you have yet to meet my nieces.

Brigham said...

Aw snap! We gonna get a niece battle up in this piece!