Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best Media Spotlight

It's true, Mormons are turning up everywhere.  Broadway, the Presidential Campaign, Billboards, the Colbert Report, and now . . . Storage Wars:

Squint a little and you'll see that it says "Long Beach Ward Emergency Preparedness Zone Leader Handbook" on that binder.  That was found inside the fruit fly-filled cooler.  That was found inside the abandoned storage unit.

You can't buy this kind of publicity!

Addendum: Maybe you haven't seen the bit abour the I'm a Mormon ad campaign from the Colbert Report?  The best joke happens early on about Romney and Huntsman.  Let me spoil it for you: "One of these men could be the next president.  And the other one is John Huntsman."

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Sharon said...

haha that was rob's favorite part too

Sara said...

Ha! That was laugh-out-loud funny -- thanks for posting it!