Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's Always Better on Holiday VII, pt. 2: Umami Burgers

Out in New York I had heard about these burger places in LA called Umami Burger.  I read good things.  So I went to the one in Santa Monica (attached to the Fred Segal they have out there) to see what was up with these fancy burgers.

I met up with Dana, who is an Alhambran, like me, and Stacy, the ex-New Yorker.  Here you see them having a look at the menu.

Here, have a look at the menu yourself.

We started off with a very nice plate of pickels.

This is Umami Burger's umami burger.  It has a roasted tomato on it, homemade ketchup, some mushrooms, and you see that crispy disk?  That's a crispy disk of parmesan cheese.

This is their blue cheese and sauteed onion burger.

Here I am chowing down.  My overall impression of Umami Burger, and the umami burger: Very Californian.  Pretty good.  The house ketchup threw me off a bit.  But really, I would have enjoyed the meal a lot more if I wasn't still totally full from my lunch when I had it.  That's the sad truth.

But hey, the company was great.

Goodbye, Umami Burger.  Someday I'll eat at you again and maybe it'll go better.

Oh!  But that night I did see this funny sign.

Footnote:  Here's why I was still full at 8pm on Thursday.  Because I had lunch at Twohey's with Grandma, Tom, Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise.  Going in I knew I had my important meal at Umami Burger that night so I knew I couldn't eat onion rings, clam chowder, a chili dip, and a sundae so instead I only had

onion rings

clam chowder

a chili dip

and a sundae.


And to top it off, I didn't even take pictures of my dining companions.  But I did get this shot of Bob's Senior Moment hat he likes to wear.

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