Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Best Something We Did After Greg Got Back

Saturday, Greg's first morning as a quote/unquote "free man", we went out for breakfast at the Bongo Room.

I remember when my grandfather showed me how to pay for parking.

Patiently waiting for our Bongo food.  Greg reacquaints himself with modern technology.

Bongo Room breakfast food is not your typical breakfast food.

Blake passed the time stacking creamers.

Sometimes I get jealous of the attention the grandkids get so I have to start showing them up.  Really grown up, Brigham.  (But what a great tower, right?)

Another great tower.  The Chocolate Tower French Toast.

And then, a discussion.  Will we take a walk?  Yes.  Yes, we'll take a walk.

Past statues we've never seen before.

I'm glad that most of the time I only had one uncle.

That tunnel told the truth!

That's the Shedd Aquarium right there.

Never seen this statue, either.

Hmmm, nor this one.

Take a breather, Segway Tour, I'm sure you're all exhausted.

Edwards Family.

Field Museum.


And then we went home and all took naps.  And after our naps, we watched Captain America.  Which was fun.  Kristen and Blake saw the Smurfs, though.


Mitch said...

Ha, ha. One uncle.

Did Greg think Captain America was wicked? I thought every returned missionary thinks their first movie is wicked. (i did.)

Anonymous said...

Why is there an Olmec head in Chicago?

Brigham said...

Greg seemed to handle it pretty well. We eased him into it with Mr. Fox the night before.

Chicago's got all sorts of heads lying around. But we were close to the Field Museum. Natural History probably had something to do with that head.