Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Return to the Shire

I came home to Chicago (and I'm still here) for some very important business: to join in the welcoming home of my brother Owen from his mission! I had never welcomed a missionary back before, but I should have known that it would start with waiting and anticipation and waiting.

But then, when you least expect it, he appears and the flurry of reunions begins!

This is me and my brother:

I made him point to the flight he had been on. He almost got the right one.

First thing to do when Owen gets home: Update his Facebook status!

After dinner we went to the Stake President's house and got Owen released. This is what he looks like when he's not a missionary!

Welcome home, Bilbao Baggins!

And, for the record, here's the post I made when Owen left. It was almost as short on words as this one.

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