Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best How Do I Party Right?: Andy's Birthday

Can you believe it? Monday night and it's Andy's birthday again? Where did the last 365 days go?

The party began with a review of some vocabulary words, Andy let me keep my honorary title of "Human Dictionary" (which he gave it to me) even though I didn't know two of the words he had.

Anna was in charge of the ice cream cake this year. She chose a fine Baskin Robbins Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream cake. I had the incredible honor of cutting the cake. Finally. A real job at the party.

Partiers assembled: Christian and Min

There's Art over there. Deal or No Deal was a nail biter, by the way.

Jeff enjoying his first Andy Birthday...who knows if this would have been possible if Collin still lived out here (Andy's pretty particular about his super-exclusive guestlist and not making his mom do too much work...and may I add here that this year's Chinese feast was the finest yet?)

John, captivating Art. Family Feud was kind of snoozers.

And here's a video of the singing of Happy Birthday. This should have you feeling like you were right there, in the action. You'll love it, unless you're awful.

Additional Reading:

Wait, I didn't make a post for Andy's Birthday in 2008? That's terrible.

This year's was the best one though. Very cheerful and convivial.

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