Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best Goodbye, Year

New Years Eve: An intimate gathering at Carol's, a feast of potluck (I brought fish sauce cauliflower) and roasted pork (courtesy of the hostess) and then pleasant socializing.

Suvi and Dave (who got serious with his Legos over Christmas--seriously, click that link)

JB, Carol, Kirk.

Jeff, myself (also Chris and Meredith were around at the beginning of the night but went to ring in elsewhere)
and Amber.

General photos of partygoing activities:

Hat exchange:
Lesson Learned: Just because the brownies are served on the same thing as the cheese doesn't mean you should put the cheese on the brownies.

As midnight approached it seemed reasonable to head to the roof.

There was not explosion of fireworks on the horizon, there was no great ringing of bells or yells from the street, so the start of the New Year was divined from watches and cell phones and celebrated a few times as more revelers from elsewhere in the building came up a little late.

The sparkling blueberry beverage, it tasted like muffins. All night long you'd hear me talking about "the muffin juice."

And then, downstairs again, for the first dancing of Twenty Ten.

Happy New Years on the 5th, Dear Readers. Brazil posts will soon return. I know, you thought I was done. Nope! At least three to go.


AM said...

Ha! Good thing I took a million photos - now you can see what you looked like on the New Year's.

My word verification was: coryphab
which might be the best word ever.

Bek said...

everyone at this party looks so hip.