Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Re: Death of Mysterious Authors

I thought when people died the truth was supposed to come out about them? But it seems like JD Salinger is going to stay reclusive, even if death. I mean, his death was announced by his son via spokesperson...can't we at least see his son at a press conference? Mysteriousness runs in the family? Where's the tell-all book, Son of Salinger?

In college I tried to reread Catcher in the Rye, I couldn't stand three pages of it (and I think I liked it fine in high school). It is absolutely 100% without a doubt juvenile literature. And I say that without malice—somethings are just for 14 year olds, that's okay.


kelly ann kellyn said...

sometimes i feel like i would like salinger more if i had more of a personal connection to the lives of the idle rich.

kinda the same way i feel about wes anderson movies...sure they have their charm but i'm missing something, something key to this story.

i used to work with a guy who was identical to the klaus character in life aquatic, so i thought klaus was hilarious. i figure the other characters are the same for other people...if you hang with heiresses, etc.


kelly ann kellyn said...

anyway, that's how i felt after reading franny and zooey in my late teens--these people's problems seem to be very serious to them, but i'm not feeling it. get out of the house, people!