Monday, January 11, 2010

Best D.I. Report

Saturday I was in Salt Lake and I went to the Deseret Industries. Here's are a few things I saw when I was there. Some of these things I wasn't expecting to find being sold by the Church.

The one on the right says "Spray-On Evil: 25% More Instant Death"

Beautifully hung right by each other by an ingenious DI employee.

"Hey! I said the Schmitt house!" yells Santa to his reindeer on the sweatshirt at the DI.

A painting, lovingly painted on. A gift, perhaps? It wishes a Merry Christmas.

Yes, Merry Christmas 2009, Mom and Dad. And on January 9 I found it at the DI.

Learn to raise a winner in golf and life.

Why not grab a movie for the kids on your way out. You know the Deseret Industries wouldn't ever sell anything at all inappropriate.


Bek said...

you funny. now come and see ME. yes, ME.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Oh man I miss the DI runs. I remember the day we found an 70s color projector from an old stake center for $10. It still worked and made mario kart amazing.

marshall p said...

for some reason that last picture really sicks me out.

I miss Brigham in utah visits!!